Adulthood deprives us of many of the fun and exciting things we used to do as children. And although fashion and beauty do a decent job at enabling us to play with colors and textures, we cannot help but feel a little nostalgic at times. Still, marketers always manage to read our minds and surprise us with fun projects that inevitably capture our attention making us wonder why we have never thought about it.

One such project is the Crayola mini nail polish set. Comprising some of the most interesting shades of the moment, the brand gives us plenty of mini nail polishes to experiment with before the summer ends. Getting creative has definitely become easier with these uber girly shades. With different finishes and an almost magnetic appeal, the entire collection is set to remind us the fun of being a kid.

Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set Crayola Mini Nail Polish Set

These eight travel friendly nail polishes are perfect if you’ve been wanting to experiment with bold vibes yet never dared to make the commitment. An extra fun touch for brand fans is the box, these shades coming in a box like the original crayons. Each bottle of nail polish is 0.07 fl oz. The set costs $12 and can already be purchased from

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