Today nail art designs have become a must have as their beauty can instantly complete a look, and the myriad of cool nail art designs out there enable you to adapt the style to compliment your outfit and personality perfectly. The vast array of nail polish shades and nail art tools enable even the most inexperienced people to create stylish nail art designs, so put your skills to the test and experiment.

With practice and the right tools you’ll be able to make your nails shine every single time, so if you wish to look amazing without spending hours styling up your nails to perfection, you could turn your attention towards various tricks that work and which will make the nail polish application process easy and much more fun. Draw inspiration from Charmingnails‘ diva-worthy designs for your next manicure.

Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs

Layered nail polish designs

Layering nail polishes in various colors can be one of the easiest ways to a sophisticated nail design. The vast array of colors enable you to mix and match different colors that complement each other, and the higher the contrast between the lacquers the more eye catching the result will be. To get a lovely result apply one coat of your favorite nail polish all over the nail and use soft and precise strokes to apply the second coat of contrasting color. Layer the hue (crackle polish or regular) on the tip of your nails straight, in a ‘V’ shape, in an oblique pattern or opt for a multiple layer nail polish or animal print design created using a thin professional nail art brush.

Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs

Nail stamping and add-ons

Konad nail stamping kit poses as the easiest way to sophisticated nail patterns with virtually no effort. Apply your favorite nail polish and use a contrasting color to stamp on different designs which are imprinted on a metal plate that comes with the stamping kit. There are a myriad of designs out there to try from cool cartoons to stylish abstracts and floral motifs, so pick a different design every time if you don’t want to sport the same mani twice. Add-ons such as lace, glitter dust, nail art stickers and rhinestones can bring a significant transformation and glamour to your nails, so give these details a try and make your nail sparkle.

Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs Cool nail art designs

Floral nail painting

A thin nail art brush and acrylic paint or regular nail polish in the hands of a skilled person can help amazing floral motifs which give a very fresh and feminine allure to the nails. Use a contrasting shade to create various floral nail art or opt for the easier version with nail art stickers which can be set in place with a clear top coat. Experiment and bring your nails out of monotony!

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