Simplicity is no longer an option when it comes to the most impressive manicure designs. Check out the following repertoire of colorful nail design ideas and select the models that reflect your personality. Keep your look versatile and up-to-date with the newest color trends.

From French manicure to animal print and stamped nail designs, you’ll find the perfect mani that matches your beauty skills and preferences. Let yourself be mesmerized by the inspiring nail art blog The Nail Buff that lined up a myriad of fabulous ideas on how to decorate your nails like a real pro.

Animal Print Nail Art Polka Dot Nail Art Stripes Nail Art Floral Nail Art

The Nail Buff gives us everything from animal printed manicures to crackle nail art. Take a closer look at the tiniest details and tools used to create memorable prints and patterns. Combine shades that create either a softened and more classy or on the contrary a vibrant and edgy visual effect. Choose from the sophisticated ideas the one that allows you to improve your skills and master the art of nail painting. Autumn is the perfect season to learn how to brighten up your look. Spend more time at the beauty store and arm yourself up with high street nail polish formulas.

Graduated Nail Art Crackle Nail Art Pink Crackle Nail Art Animal Print Nail Art

Gone are the days of the supremacy of monochrome manicures. The runway and the red carpet offers us the perfect inspiration to glam up our nail art regime. Fluorescent, neon and glittery glam shades are perfect to stand out from the crowd. Colorful nail art is the wow trend of the moment. Add a youthful and voguish vibe to your appearance by wearing some of these artsy nail designs. Keep in mind the importance of your skin tone, nail length and the impression you wish to create.

Colorful Nail Art Black Nail Art Purple Nail Art French Nail Art

Image courtesy of The Nail Buff