This summer, a new trend was born thanks to the creative approach of the Ciate brand. Caviar manicure has skyrocketed in terms of popularity lately as the new possibilities in terms of nail art have began to hit the market. But as tempting as the new trend might be, it pays to make the most of the hot days by not letting the most interesting tones of the season slip by. The label has prepared three new interesting tones worth experimenting with in the meantime.

Summer’s the ideal time to experiment with bright, girly tones and the label definitely makes it a lot easier to justify indulging into the new trend by bringing three new exciting tones with equally interesting tones to help us make the most of these hot months:

Main Stage

Big Yellow Taxi

The Glossip

These sexy, fun alternatives are enough to trigger an instant want it now reaction. After all, it can be quite difficult to resist the thought of pairing these with a fab on trend bikini and get ready to take long, lazy trips to the beach. However, aside from the fun Big Yellow Taxi tone which is already available, you’ll have to wait until August to gave into your color desires as this is when the tones will be launched online at Nordstrom this August.

Ciate Summer 2012 Nail Polishes

Photo courtesy of Ciate