Just when we thought we've seen the best from Ciate this year, the British nail care brand proves us wrong by releasing yet another amazing manicure set. After the Ciate Caviar and Velvet manicure sets, the brand turned towards the beauty of sequins and created the Ciate Sequin Manicure sets for winter 2012, so if you're ready to have your peepers enchanted, take a peek at the upcoming collection and pick your new favorites!

British nail care brand Ciate managed to sweep nail art enthusiasts off their feet with their innovative manicure sets including the already famous Ciate Caviar and Ciate Velvet sets, but it seems that ideas keep flowing at Ciate as the brand unveiled its latest creation, the Ciate Sequin Manicure sets for winter 2012.

Just as the name suggests, the fabulous manicure sets rely on the mesmerizing glow of high shimmer paillettes, as who can resist the beauty of glowing shimmer when it comes to nail color?!
Created for the ultimate glamor girl, the metallic, multi-chromatic shimmer sequins will definitely upgrade your manicure to suit the fall/winter 2012 fashion trends, so glam up your digits using your favorite mixes as the brand brought to our attention three fabulous shades that will dare you to resist temptation.

Harlequin – a mix of fab blue, green and red tones

Tutu – a mix of pink, purple and red tones

Superduper – a mix of gold, copper and green tones

The fabulous mani sets feature all the products you need to give your nails a glam-over, so prep your nails for the sequins using the provided Sequin glitter grip, drizzle and gently press on the sequins from the pots on your nails and voila! A fabulous manicure without too much fuss.
The gorgeous manicure set will retail for £15 each and will become available for purchase starting this October at Selfridges.

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