A new surprise is on its way as Ciate announced the launch of its Chalkboard 2013 manicure set and boy, are we excited about the launch! After the unveiling Ciate’s Caviar, Sequin, Velvet and Ciate Very Colourfoil sets we didn’t think that the popular nail care brand can ‘pull yet another rabbit out of its hat’ and stun its massive fan-base once again, but we were wrong as the popular brand did it again, seemingly effortlessly. After apparently taking the ‘back to school’ theme for inspiration, Ciate proved that its creativity can reach the highest peaks and that innovation is its specialty, so if you’re looking for fun ways to update your mani be sure to check out Ciate’s Chalkboard set and put it to the test!

This year nail polish developers have been going wild trying to find new textures and ways to make the nails stand out even more, underlining their role in the completion on a look and apparently this drive for impacting the nail art scene sparked the development on the new Ciate Chalkboard manicure set. But what makes the cool nail color set so special? Well, it seems the velvet finish nail lacquers that serve as base for some flirty fun liquid chalk pens that you’ll be able to use to show off your artistic sides make this mani set unique.

Ciate Chalkboard 2013 Manicure Set

To get the right result:

Apply the matte black base coat provided on the entire nail to create the layer that will serve as the ‘blackboard’

Use any of the four nail art pen shades provided (pink, blue, green and white) to trace out on the black base coat whatever motifs cross your mind

Seal your fab unique nail art design using Ciate‘s Mattificent top coat (matte) and your nails will scream attention

The lovely mani set will include all you need to get your digits the attention they deserve, so be sure to grab on to your own Ciate Chalkboard manicure set retailing for $25 as soon as it hits the shelves starting April 23rd, 2013 at Selfridges.

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Photos: Ciate