Like most people, we try to hang on to the last summer days as much as possible. While the weather is not always in our favor, we can definitely maintain the cheerful note of these days in other ways. The latest example of how this concept can come to practice is the newest Ciate collection. This time, the label takes a break from the textured nail polishes that have created a real hysteria lately in order to offer us a variety of summery tones to keep our spirits up.

This is how the Bottled Sunshine nail polish collection was born. The new collection contains ‘five sun drenched shimmer colours’. These molten metal tones are highly fashionable at the moment and all signs seem to indicate the fact that the trend is likely to continue in the season to come. If you’re all about preserving the memories from the summer holiday, the newest tones inspired by Morrocan heat waves can be your best ally.

Ciate Bottled Sunshine Nail Polish Collection Ciate Bottled Sunshine Nail Polish Collection

If you’ve just acquired an enviable tan either through the natural route or (hopefully) with the help of the perfect sunless tanner, these tones will most likely suit you perfectly and the high shine factor will provide a fabulous contrast. Choose between these delightful summer-themed tones:


Beach Hut

Island Hopping


Skinny Dip

With an ergonomically designed brush to ease application and a long handle to increase comfort, the label makes the prettying up process a lot more comfortable. Each bottle of nail polish contains 13.5 ml of product and can be purchased for £9.

Photo courtesy of Ciate