The Chanel Le Vernis line has made countless fashionistas fall in love at the first sight. The Chanel nail polishes are always synonym with sophistication, which is why many limited edition nail polishes released under the label have quickly sold out. This is why the new Chanel Le Vernis Couleurs Culte de Chanel line is bound to create so much excitement to fans who found the perfect shade only to find out later that it got discontinued and would no longer be able to purchase it. Well, if you’ve fallen in love with any of the high quality Chanel nail polishes that became cult favorites, now’s your chance to rejoice.

The label is bringing back five gorgeous tones in the new Couleurs Culte de Chanel line. These tones are said to represent the essence of Chanel and are described by the label as being “ Universal. Undeniable. Unparalleled.” Best of all, four of the iconic Chanel nail lacquers are permanent. As always, the names are pretty much self-explanatory. Choose between these gorgeous, uber classy and much coveted nail varnish shades:

Chanel Les Vernis Beige Nail PolishChanel Les Vernis Particuliere Nail Polish

Couleurs Culte de Chanel nail polishes:

Chanel Le Vernis BeigeChanel Le Vernis ParticulariereChanel Le Vernis PirateChanel Le Vernis Rouge NoirChanel Le Vernis Black Satin

Chanel Les Vernis Pirate Nail PolishChanel Les Vernis Rouge Noir Nail Polish

Out of these iconic Chanel nail polishes, only the Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Noir is limited edition. If you love this particular tone, acting quickly will be crucial to ensure you get the desired shade since the fab line is already available for purchase. Each of these classy and elegant shades are retailing for $27 per bottle and can be purchased from the luxury retailer’s official website.

Chanel Black Satin Nail Polish

Will you be indulging in any of the five iconic nail polishes from the new Couleurs Culte de Chanel? Which Chanel Le Vernis tones are your favorites?

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