Our manicure can often serve as the perfect example to copycat for others. This case is valid also for celebrities who flash their chic nail color on red carpet events. In order to honor the special events as well as boost the plain atmosphere of weekdays try out all the stylish celebrity nail color ideas below. The fabulous hues will furnish you with voguish alternatives to bring out the best of your short trimmed as well as longer and more prominent nails. A colorful manicure can tell a lot of your personality therefore choose hues with great care and match them with your mood as well as clothing style and skin tone. Steal the start tricks of these famous divas and dress up your selection of mani options with a parade of brand new shades sported also by famous trendsetters.

Blue Nail Color

Lauren Conrad was always a fan of the flirty and feminine shades both in her clothing style and as showed here also in her manicure. The blue nail color trend comes in endless variations from the metallic to pastel and matte tones all prove to be the best means to set your perfectly conditioned and dainty nails into the spotlight. Complete your regular nail care ritual then step to the next phase and apply a stylish blue coat in the shade that complements your complexion tone. Those who were blessed with olive skin might consider choosing the more profound shades for a smashing effect the ones who have a mid- or pale skin color should wobble between the extreme of dark and super-light shades.

Nude Nail Color

Nude shades are oh-so-popular both in makeup and also fashion. Moreover you’ll have the pleasure to enjoy their beauty also in the case of nail art. Sport the endless nude shades from the darker to the light candy tones. These create a natural and barely there effect to your nails and would suit all outfits and events. Regardless of age everyone can try out the nude nail color trend as illustrated and promoted by Eva Mendes. Pair it with additional shades if you wish or keep your look super-neat by experimenting with an all-nude nail color style.

Gold Nail Color

Celebs who are fond of extravaganza just can’t get enough of the metallic nail trends. Gold is one of the most voguish and at the same time eye-popping shade used to play up the beauty of their manicure. These can come in the darker and warm tones as well as colder and more brighter shades. Depending on your preferences make sure you spot the right shade and practice nail art until you polish your painting skills to perfection. Follow the example of Mya and try your hand at a half-moon manicure which combined two contrastive shades in order to further boost the visual effect of your nails.

Milky White Nail Color

For a while white nails were considered lacking any creativity, however it seems that the milky white nail polish enjoys its second revival as more and more designers craved for it to complete their runway collection. Natasha Bedingfield is also one of the self-claimed fans of this trend as she flashes her mono-chromatic and super-light mani on the red carpet. If you are into experimenting with the old time trends make sure you include the white nail polish style wave into your favorite options to look fabulous.