The loss of one of the most visionary and inspiring designers of our decade indeed inspired millions to create their own tribute work whether it is a collection or other projects. In the same thought the world-wide-known butter LONDON nail polish company led by Nonie Creme set up a complete collection that has as its central motif the legacy Alexander McQueen left the world of fashion and beauty in general. The four nail polish shades from the Butter London Alexander Fall 2010 nail polish collection also known the Butter London Alexander McQueen collection offers a spectacular visual pleasure to those who decide to popularize the fabulous shades.

The collection devotes two shades to those who were inspired by Alexander McQueen and two other tones that complement the color palette of the butter London Fall 2010 collection.Pairing them with formal as well as casual chic outfits will prove the versatile and charming allure of these hues. Update your manicure skills and use the fine texture and vibrating colors to wear a seductress and ultra-glamorous nail color.

These are the shades to catch up on if you wish to stay up-to-date with the latest nail polish trends. As Nonie Creme claims : “Buzzwords in nail trend for Fall 2010 are texture, depth, and layering”. Therefore make sure you stay versed with the Butter London Fall 2010 Nail Polish Collection shades as presented here.

All Hail McQueen

This indeed one of the colors dedicated to Alexander McQueen and inspired by the versatile and ingenious creative techniques the late designer used as well as the multitude to spectacular style fantasies he granted the world with. This taupe color is complemented with holographic gold flecks that would create a different impression depending on the various light conditions. In the sunlight you’ll have the chance to sport a nail color that reflects orange, gold as well as green tones.


This is indeed one of the unique and charming tones Nonie Creme envisioned and dedicated to Alexander McQueen. In fact the main inspiration for this shade lies in the Fall 1996 collection of the late designer which flashed a unique long-slung trousers design. The creator of the shade states that:“I’ve had the idea for Bumster for ages. It’s an amazing twist on a neutral color, and this ochre yellow looks INCREDIBLE on!”. Undoubtedly the mustard and opaque tone will make a smashing impression.


First presented at the Vena Cava fashion show, Marrow was indeed one of the smashing inventions to boost the prominence and high class allure of the complete collection. The dark royal purple tone is further enhance with a silverish shimmer which makes it even more mesmerizing and popular. The subtle and eerie effect it created when embedded into a formal apparel will make it one of the most sought-after shades of the complete collection.


Vintage chic-inspired shades are also popular this season. Therefore embrace the Victoriana nail polish color that offers you the privilege to sport a vintage blue shade on your nails. With a twinkling allure it would flatter all complexion shades and nail lengths. Besides being super-feminine it would also serve as the best accessory to top your appearance no matter the event you wish to attend.

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