BP is launching two fun new nail sets called 'Lace' and 'Glitter'. Experiment with the fun and almost effortless manis offered.

Getting fabulous nails is no longer a great idea in theory but a difficult one in practice due to the abundance of gorgeous nail appliques available on the market. BP has launched two fabulous new sets which will undoubtedly prove a fab alternative for the holiday season to come, although there's no point in waiting until then if you find such alternatives super tempting for everyday manis as well. For the romantic in you, the BP brand offers the 'Lace' set for the times you want to make a fun style statement.

Getting creative with your nails is a lot easier with these spectacular alternatives. Each set contains three spectacular new nail polish tones for getting a sense of variation in tone with the vibe of the mani created. The glitter set has three vibrant tones to help reflect the vibe you crave. If the 'Glitter' set has vibrant tones, the 'Lace' set is more on the subtle side with softer, more feminine tones.

BP Lace Nail Art Set 2012

Last but not least, the set includes a handy nail file that ensures that you get perfect results every single time. If you don't want to wait until the snowy days to get these fab stickers right on your fingertips, you can find the sets at Nordstrom for $12 each.

BP Glitter Nail Set 2012