Natural nail polish colors are, more often than not, left aside when it comes to choosing the perfect nail lacquer. Despite not being as vibrant and powerful as bright color nail polishes, natural nail polish colors are still super cool.

The trend of natural nail polish colors has been around for several years now, and it’s not going anywhere! If you haven’t been tempted so far by these nail lacquer shades, wait no more! Here are some of the best natural nail polish colors you should definitely try!

Natural Color Nail Polish: Cream

A cream nail polish may seem uninteresting and dull. Yet, you may discover that it suits perfectly fine every outfit and makeup you decide to wear! What is more, this delicate, light brown natural nail polish color complements every skin tone.

Fall in love with cream nail polishes such as Fast Track by China Glaze, and Minka by Zoya.

Cream Natural Color Nail Polish

Natural Nail Polish Colors: Pastel Pink

You can never go wrong with pastel colors! For a feminine touch, go for a pastel pink natural nail polish color. As it looks a bit retro, dare to wear a pastel pink manicure with a vintage do and a matching outfit.

You may try pastel pink nail polishes such a Teddy Girl Nail Lacquer from Butter London, Lollipop by Orly, and Mod About You by OPI.

Pastel Pink Natural Nail Polish Colors

Natural Nail Color Polish: Bright Beige

A bright beige natural nail color polish is somewhat similar to the cream hue. Still, it is a bit lighter, having though the same stylish effect upon your look! Opt for this particular type of natural nail polish color especially if you’re not very fond of white nail lacquers.

Choose top quality bright beige nail lacquers such as the NARS Versailles nail polish or OPI’s Honey Rider.

Bright Beige Natural Nail Color Polish

Natural Nail Polish Color: Dark Beige

Another amazing natural nail polish color is dark beige. Its chocolaty shade is absolutely delicious, elegant and stylish! Don’t shy away from this lovely natural nail polish color whatever look you’re planning to pull off, be it casual or formal.

If you decide that dark beige is your cup of tea, then try nail polishes such as butter London All Hail the Queen, and Barefoot in Barcelona from OPI.

Dark Beige Natural Nail Polish Color

Natural Color Nail Polish: Grey

Greys are definitely some of the best natural nail polish colors! Timeless and fancy, a nail polish in shades of grey will complete a day to day look, as well as a more daring one.

Opt for various hues of grey and choose products such as Billy No Mates from butter London, and the NARS Storm Bird nail polish.

Grey Natural Color Nail Polish

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