Upgrade your nails to perfection, so you can be the attraction at every event. From sophisticated to simple monochrome, the new nail art designs created by professionals and nail enthusiasts are super hard to resist, so let your imagination run wild and explore the following bedazzled nail art designs for summer 2012 created by nail art blogger Mani Closet. The impressive array of tools, lacquers and add-ons can help you create easy and sophisticated nail art designs that suit your personality and skill level, so dare to experiment and make the best out of your nails as nail art designs have become a definite must have for every true fashionista.

Marbled effect nail art designs look amazing and give a sense of high sophistication, although the creation process covers a low skill level. Whether creating the desired marbled effect using a nail art needle or by turning towards water nail art, the effect obtained will be fabulous. The key to obtaining the perfect marbled effect is to mix two contrasting hues that emphasize the mixed pattern of the design. The best thing about these marbled effect nail art designs is that they look even better if done asymmetric, so don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and create marbled effects on every other finger or on each and every nail, depending on personal preference.

Two of the hottest details in fashion this upcoming season pose as a great option to obtain an ultra seductive nail art design. Lace and animal prints can make the delice of your manicure, so dare to experiment. Cool colorful animal print nail art designs inspired from Versace for H&M’s collection but not only, snakeskin prints, floral and lace detailed nails and color combos spiced with add-ons and one of the above stated must have details will make your nails look sizzling hot this summer. Obtaining such a look is not difficult but if you’re not too confident in your own skills, you can turn towards Konad nail art stamps and obtain a perfect lace or animal print motif every single time and with a minimum amount of effort.

Pastel colored nails never fail when it comes to the hot season, so pick your favorite new season pastels and create intricate nail art deigns fit for a diva. Floral pastels, stripes, ombre pastel nails or other intricate designs featuring pastel colors and add-ons will contribute greatly to your new season look, so dare to mix and match and create an array of warm and colorful nail art designs that suit your fun and flirty personality perfectly.

Photos courtesy of Mani Closet