The Azature label got a lot of media attention last year, when it brought the most expensive nail polish in the world and Kelly Osbourne proudly rocked a $250k black diamond manicure. She then stated that it made her feel like a queen. The concept sure received a lot of attention at the time and the brand decided to find a way to make such alternatives available to the masses and not just for a select number of celebs. As a result, a new Azature Diamond nail polish collection was created.

Now, the new Azature nail polishes don’t feature 267 carats of full-cut and faceted black diamonds, like the nail polish bottle which is still on display at Selfridges. They are, however, 10 000 cheaper and they still contain a real black diamond in every bottle. If this isn’t redefined luxury, we don’t know what is. Moreover, the label expanded its view colorwise. Though the appeal and allure of black diamond is still sensed and cherished, the label expanded the options to allow fashionistas to experiment with plenty of new season options.

Azature Diamond Nail Polish Collection  (1)

The gorgeous Azure nail lacquers offered come in the following luxurious tones: champagne, blue, green, canary, pink, black and red. Do the new tones feel a little too intense for your taste? Well, don’t worry as a softer palette of alternatives which will include tones such as lilac and grey is coming soon. Furthermore, the tones are intended to be permanent, so worries about finding the perfect nail polish shade only to find out the collection was discontinued are no longer a reason for anxiety.

Now, are you ready to start feeling like a princess on a regular basis? Then, you should know that you can find and grab the new Azature nail polishes in the following locations: Selfridges, Harvey Nichols Saudi Arabia, Ron Robinson, Ron Herman Japan and Kitson. As previously stated, each nail polish bottle retails for $25.

Azature Diamond Nail Polish Collection  (2)Azature Diamond Nail Polish Collection  (3)

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Photos: Azature, Selfridges