Still struggling to find the very best X-Mas? The Anna Sui Black Veil nail polish collection might just be what you’re looking for. Many, many retailers have released holiday 2012 nail polishes yet few have highlighted the spirit of the month in its entirety. Sure, the nail polish tones might be festive, but what about the bottles themselves? Well, the luxury label has payed attention to every detail and brought a new set of cute options worth exploring.

What could help you get in the mood for holidays more if not a beautiful shade comprised in an elegant dress-shaped bottle which beautifully highlights its elegance and its true potential to dazzle. Since we’re talking about holidays, matte tones don’t really cut it. To really match the occasion, shimmer or glitter are almost an implied requirement and the label definitely obeys this standard bringing five outstanding rich pigmented party shades.

The elegant package and the girly and glam allure of the new offerings make them perfect alternatives for gift giving and pleasing fashionistas in your life if you resist the temptation to use them yourself. Seduced by the cuteness of the new tones already? If so, you should know that the tones are already available for purchase for $15 per bottle.

Anna Sui Holiday 2012 Nail Polishes