Even though American Apparel is best known as a clothing manufacturer the retailer has also launched a collection of 48 nail polishes. It seems like the success of the project convinced the managers to launch 12 new nail polish shades, despite of the fact that only 6 new shades were planned.

Marsha Brady, creative director for American Apparel declared: “Nail polish is our favorite category for exploring color. We planned on releasing only six new shades, but we felt so strongly about all of these that we decided to release a full dozen. It’s difficult to pick a favorite–they all complement wardrobes in different ways. We can’t wait to see the looks people create with them’.

The new shades are inspired by the city of Los Angeles and the global culture so the variety of the shades is well explained by the generous theme. From neutral tones to more vibrant and exciting shades, there are various choices to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Aside from the wide range of colors and the diversity of the shades, the latest American Apparel nail polish line also has a series of important advantages that are definitely worth considering.

The company seems to have taken an eco friendly approach when it comes to beauty and as a result decided to protect the environment and the health of the consumer by creating nail polishes that are DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde-free while also having an affordable price range. At $6 per bottle or available in 3 pack for $15 or a 7 pack for $32 the American Apparel Nail Lacquer is certainly a a reasonable option when it comes to making your nails stand out.

If you are excited about the new collection, take a quick look at the magnificent shades you will be able to choose from:

Cameo Blue-a fabulous intense yet soothing blue shade

Army Jacket-a subtle green shade

Echo Park-an amazing neutral shade

Mannequin- a subtle classy apricot shade

Rouge-an amazingly feminine deep pink shade

Raccoon-a sexy deep brown shade

Port-an intense burgundy nail polish shade

Make Up-a wonderful warm tangerine shade

MacArthur Park-an alluring muted mussy yellow shade

Cocoa-an alluring muted shade

Trenchcoat-an interesting cream yellow shade

African Violet-a gorgeous purple shade

Select your favorite shades and add a touch of glamor to your outfits instantly in a matter of minutes with these gorgeous colors.

Photo courtesy of americanapparel.net