There’s never a dull moment in the area of nail art designs if creativity and skill are constantly being used to create temporary masterpieces that can create that polished look we adore. Mixing things up and experimenting with new ideas on a regular basis is the surest way to avoid getting stuck in a style rut and seeking new sources of inspiration can definitely help our goal.

From classy floral motifs or subtle animal print style hints to more abstract visual cues, capturing and reinterpreting the world around us in fabulous designs is tempting and interesting at the same time. With so many nail art techniques that have now developed, the options we have are more than generous, so finding out something you like is a lot easier.

Simple and classy or colorful and complex, these nail designs express only a small part of the style possibilities we can easily explore. Seeking style inspiration continuously can be a highly rewarding process which can pay significant dividends fashion wise. Check out the Deez Nailz blog for more nail art ideas such as the styles presented here.

If you’re a fan of feminine patterns and styles, items such as butterfly wings, flowers, fruits or soft colors can be a great option. All these styles can be easily combined for a more complex looking theme or, on the contrary, kept as simple as possible while making sure that interest is being created with the help of a complex looking pattern. If you wish to create fabulous, eye-catching motifs choosing hues from a similar color palette is typically the best alternative. On the other hand, if you prefer more simple nail designs, contrasting hues are the ones that will deliver the best results.

Taking a look at some of the latest nail art trends of the season is certainly not a bad idea as there are loads of suggestions that can spark up your creativity, especially in the colder season when the temptation to select neutrals and versatile dark colors for our outfits is certainly quite high. Updating your nail polish palette is also a great excuse to go beyond your comfort zone and try something just a little bit different from the usual.

If simplicity is one of the concepts you go for in terms of nail art, abstract nail designs can be a fabulous choice. If you wish to add a festive touch to your nails, yet you wish to keep things simple, adding a little glitter can be the best, most time effective and least skill intensive alternative you can try in the comfort of your own home. Selecting high quality nail polishes is also a good idea especially if you want long lasting results.

Photo courtesy of Deez Nailz