Nail art enthusiasts across the world quiver with excitement every time luxury brand Chanel unveils its new Chanel Le Vernis creations. Some shades have managed to sweep fashionistas off their feet as they’re constantly flying off the shelves and a quick glimpse at the 5 most wanted Chanel nail polish shades will surely turn you into an addict as well, so be warned before you raid some of the richest, most luscious Chanel nail polishes created in the past few years.

The innovative, long lasting formulas that deliver different sizzling textures turned the fashion and accessories brand into a go-to-brand when it comes to deluxe nails, so basically you’re not dealing with addictive color, but an addictive color&formula combo and the following oldies but goldies shades are the ones that captured attention in recent years:

1. Chanel Black Pearl This is a timeless nail lacquer launched in time for the spring 2011 season, a shade that will make your digits look spectacular regardless of your personal style and attire. This is not your average black nail polish as this particular Chanel nail shade is a mix of black and teal spiced up with metallic silver, green and blue micro-shimmer that adds a high dose of sophistication to your finger tips. The rich pigment can be applied on the nails as one coat for a sheer finish or a double coat for an opaque, drama-filled finish that will surely make people stare!

2. Chanel Khaki Vert If you’re looking for a neutral nail polish shade that still packs a punch, Chanel’s Khaki Vert nail polish released in the fall of 2010 is the perfect choice especially if you’re into grayish medium green nail lacquers with a subtle yellow undertone. The fab creamy and shiny shade works wonders on the nails during the cool seasons, so no wonder that it’s in our top 5 most wanted Chanel nail polish shades!

3. Chanel Vamp Brilliantly colored nails with a high dose of mystery attached have never been easier to create than through the use of Chanel’s Vamp nail lacquer and this vintage re-edition of this fab shade has not passed unobserved. Its fabulous deep berry coloration with a hint of shimmer that also features a state-of-the-art formula that strengthens and moisturizes the nails has got fashionistas hooked on it and this obsession continues still, years after the nail color has been relaunched.

4. Chanel Particuliere Neutral nail lacquers have made it back to the fashion scene and this fab murky Chanel nail polish in Particuliere is still making nail art enthusiasts sigh. Launched in the winter of 2009, this gorgeous gray-taupe nail lacquer still maintains a high interest from beauty addicts as its creamy texture and rich, opaque finish are difficult to top!

5. Chanel Riva Feeling blue? Well, Chanel’s Riva nail polish was made to switch your mood into good vibes as its fab pastel blue pigmentation with a hint of iridescent particles feels like a tropical island breeze. Launched in the fall of 2010, this jaw dropping shade has yet to meet its match, so can you resist its beauty?

Photos courtesy of Chanel