When it comes to nail art designs nothing seems impossible as the new nail art designs created by nail art technicians reach beyond the limit of our imagination. Choosing from a vast palette of nail polish hues and nail art designs is not easy, so to make things a bit easier for you, we’ve selected some stylish nail art designs that are in perfect sync with the new 2012 trends, nail art designs created by Wish Nail.

Depending on your skill level, you can choose to hand-paint all the details or turn towards the ‘no effort’ way by using nail art stickers, add-ons and Konad stamps. With so many options available there’s no way you won’t be able to achieve a nail art that suits your style, so take a peek at the following stylish nail art designs and try to recreate or personalize your nails with the following trendy details.

Frosted Tips

If you love having fun with nail polish, turn your attention towards frosted tip nail art designs using your favorite hues. The design can be easily achieved using your favorite nail polish and a professional nail art brush, so give your nails a mouthwatering style using your favorite colored nail polish. Depending on personal preference, you can choose to style-up all your nails or select a couple of nails, thus creating a more asymmetric style manicure.

Flashy Colored Details

With the warm season knocking at the door, vivaciously pigmented nail polishes have surfaced and the color palette is super diverse. From flirty pastels to cool neons anything warm toned goes, so mix and match your favorite nail polish hues and create highly detailed nail art designs. Stripes, ombre nails, tie-dye effects and graphic elements are only a few characteristics that can help you achieve a wonderful manicure that is bound to steal the spotlight. However, this type of manicure works best with a casual outfit, so if you’re donning a more elegant style, turn towards polka dots or floral designs instead.

Polka Dots

Underline your romantic side with flirty fun polka dot nail art designs as polka dots are timeless and can be a perfect day-to-evening manicure choice. It’s amazing how diverse you can go with polka dots as you can create them in a small size or oversized, on one, several or every nail, using nail polish, acrylic paint, glitter or pearls, so you can definitely go crazy and achieve a different design every time you desire. For best results use a contrasting color to create the stylish dots on your favorite nail polish and coat them after drying using a clear top coat as this will give the nail a sublime, perfect look.

Leopard Prints & Floral Motifs

Two designs that are causing a stir are leopard prints and floral motifs as these two styles are sizzling hot. Whether you’re all about underlining your wild side using a cool leopard print or you’re more inclined towards timeless elegance and femininity, using a lovely, soft floral print, your nails will look amazing especially when diversifying the look by mixing and matching various nail polish hues. From symmetric to asymmetric designs anything goes, so take a peek at these stylish manicures and try to recreate your favorite style.