The new season is all about underlining uniqueness and since nail art designs have become a definite must have for every true fashionista, the need for flawless and unique statement nails has been higher than ever. To satisfy the need for en-vogue nails, a variety of innovative high definition nail wrap designs have been developed, so check out the following must have nail wraps for 2012 from ncLA and pick your style enhancers!

The new season is opening the gate for a variety of cool nail art designs, but if you're looking for perfection and low skill manicures, the surest way to success is presented by nail wraps. There are a myriad of stylish designs out there to choose but if you're looking to make a style statement, check out the following 2012 must try nail wrap designs from ncLA.

With a high demand for super stylish manicures, beauticians have discovered the key to easy, low maintenance, no-fuss nail art designs that are bound to make people stare. Nail wraps are formulated with a special glue attached on the back of the design, adhesive which adheres to the nail bed and provides a flawless manicure that can last for days.

NCLA Animal Print Nail Wraps

The Zanzibar nail wrap
iconThe Jessi nail wrap
iconThe Jungle Fever nail wrap
The best thing about nail wraps is that they are printed with a myriad of stylish designs which would otherwise be impossible to achieve, so prepare to meet perfect on-trend nails that will make you look amazing. These insanely cool Nail Couture LA nail wraps ($16) can be easily applied and unlike Minx nails, you don't need to turn towards a professional for help. With practice you can achieve the perfect mani in the comfort of your own home.

NCLA Geometric Nail Wraps

The Candy nail wrap
iconThe Secession Kicks nail wrap
iconThe Emily nail wrap
In 2012 the must have nail wrap designs are neons, floral, geometric, animal and digital prints. These designs can get your nails looking party-ready in minutes, so try them out and adapt the nail wrap design to your wardrobe style as fab nails can definitely complete and upgrade your style.

Mixed colors whether neons or darks do look hot and can definitely an eclectic look. Red, royal blue, gold, silver, bright yellow and pink are the season's hottest colors, so opt for color clashing nail wraps and experience the power of statement colors.

If you're ready to bring out your inner feline, animal print nail wraps are definitely the way to go and this season anything goes. From high impact snakeskin prints to zebra, leopard, tiger, reptile and giraffe anything goes, so pick the design that brings out your wild side.

Another great way to update your mani and get hypnotic styles is to turn towards creative nail wrap prints which feature graphic details, metallics or 3D effect prints. If, however, complicated nail art designs aren't your thing, you can easily stick on some psychedelic nail wraps!

NCLA Colorful Mail Wraps

The Natalie nail wrap
iconThe Ray and The Ro nail wrap
iconThe Jazzi nail wrap