The YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush line features 12 seductive tones which definitely put an unexpected spin on the concept of multifunctional makeup. This season, the luxury label comes with an interesting suggestion: “Kiss your cheeks. Blush your lips.” Intrigued and confused yet? It's quite simple: the Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll Kiss and Blush is a new matte finish cream lip color which can be used both on the lips and on the cheeks thanks to its cool 2 in 1 blendable, air-whipped mousse formula.

Though the idea of using lipstick as blush isn't exactly new, it's definitely interesting to see how the label has took the idea and refined it to make it even more convenient for those who love the idea of streamlining their beauty routine and being able to get the results they crave fast and easy. Despite the fact that the idea of grabbing a single product and using it for both purposes is the most economical and intuitive one, combing two different shades would prove even more interesting. The brand has chosen versatile yet seductive tones which can instantly create a strong effect.

The label has divided its new offerings into four categories, depending on the mood the tones evoked. It seems like the different facets of sensuality have proven to be the best sources of inspiration for the new pigments. Want to feel saucy, sexy, sassy or liberated? In each case, you have three stunning tones to choose from:

01 Fuchsia Desinvolte02 Rose Frivole

01 Fuchsia Desinvolte
02 Rose Frivole

03 Rose Libre04 Orange Fougueux

03 Rose Libre
04 Orange Fougueux

05 Rouge Effrontee06 Rouge Libertine

05 Rouge Effrontee
06 Rouge Libertine

07 Corail Affranchi08 Pink Hedoniste

07 Corail Affranchi
08 Pink Hedoniste

09 Rose Epicurien10 Nude Insolent

09 Rose Epicurien
10 Nude Insolent

11 Prune Impertinente12 Moca Garçonne

11 Prune Impertinente
12 Moca Garçonne

The YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush spring 2014 line is available exclusively at Nordstrom and Each of these beauty multitaskers retails for $40. In the UK, the new line is scheduled to hit the stores starting with April 27. April is also the international launch date for the new offerings.

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Photos: Nordstrom