Some women claim keeping their beauty products in the refrigerator extends their life and makes them easier to use. Others complain that cold temperatures ruined perfectly good cosmetics. The truth is that while some beauty products belong in the fridge, a lot don’t.

Find out more about which items from your makeup kit benefit the most by staying in the refrigerator and which can be ruined by exposure to low temperatures for too long.

Eye Cream – Stick It in the Fridge

The most talked about product when it comes to refrigeration of cosmetics is eye cream. A lot of women find the effect of applying cold eye cream refreshing and envigorating. If you do decide to keep it in the fridge, read the instructions carefuly to make sure it’s not expressly forbidden. You can extend the use of eye cream by keeping it cold, as long as it’s separate from your food.

Sprays Like Sunscreen or Mineral Water – Stick It in the Fridge

Another excellent tip when it comes to beauty products that belong in the refrigerator is that sprays usually do well in colder temperatures. Mineral water and even sunscreen can cool off your skin when applied directly out of the fridge.

Fragrance – Stick It in the Fridge

Perfumes also benefit from being kept in a cool and dark environment. Delicate fragrances will remain intact for longer. Like with any other cosmetics in the refrigerator, keep your fragrances in a sealed container to prevent any unwanted smells.

Topical Medication – Stick It in the Fridge

Everything from acne medication to anti-bacterial ointments is usually best kept in cooler temperatures. Read the labels carefully or simply ask a pharmacist if the medication you’re using shouldn’t be kept in the refrigerator. In a cold environment, active ingredients last a bit longer than the short time frame for use after opening.

Organic and Natural Makeup – Stick It in the Fridge

While most cosmetics have enough preservatives to be fine at room temperature, organic or natural makeup definitely lasts longer in the refrigerator. Homemade masks also belong in the fridge, but don’t keep them for more than a few days, they do deteriorate just like food.

Nail Polish – Maybe

Opinions are split when it comes to nail polish, because it’s one of the products that could go either way. You could prevent drying out in your favorite nail polish or you could end up with a product with a thickness that’s too much for proper application. Don’t risk it.

Moisturizers and Serums – Maybe

Even if your moisturizers and serums are oil-free, there are still ingredients that could change when you keep them in cold temperatures for too long. Check the details on the package or even better, put a little product in a container and keep it in the fridge for a week. That way, you’ll be opening the original packaging much less and it will last longer.

Makeup Pencils – Do Not Refrigerate (Too Long)

An old trick to revigorate makeup pencils that are too soft is to pop them in refrigerator for a couple of hours. All makeup pencils get harder in cold temperatures, so don’t keep them in there permanently. Too hard and the application will get very difficult.

Liquid Foundations and Primers – Do Not Refrigerate

Most liquid foundations and silicone primers are among the beauty products that don’t belong in the fridge. Their consistency will change and you might actually be shortening the life of your makeup.

Lipstick – Do Not Refrigerate

When exposed to cold temperatures, lipstick starts to… sweat. The droplets you see on the surface of your lipstick are proof that the waxes and oils are separating and you’ll be able to use it for much less than if you kept it at room temperature.

Mascara – Do Not Refrigerate (Unless It’s Waterproof)

Just like nail polish, mascara can thicken significantly. Waterproof mascara might be the exception as one of the beauty products that belong in the fridge. Some volatile components evaporate and your waterproof mascara does dry out faster at room temperature.

Oil Based Products – Do Not Refrigerate

Just like olive oil changes its consistency when stored in cold temperatures, so will any products that feature a lot of oil. Keep them at room temperature for longer lasting use.

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