The summer season was drizzled with innovative makeup creations, but should we expect the same level of excitement when it comes to the fall 2012 makeup collection? Well, by looking at Trish McEvoy’s Watercolors makeup collection, we can say that things are still holding the same path to achieving perfection, so check out the brand’s new fab makeup collection and find out if it reaches your expectations.

Makeup can definitely become your BFF as the new hues and innovative textures will always come to your aid, so test out the latest creations and discover a whole new world of makeup. Trish McEvoy wanted the new Watercolors makeup collection to have the power to make you look like you’re lit from within, and innovative textures and pigments were used, all inspired by watercolor paintings.

Trish McEvoy Effortless Eyes™ Wet & Dry Eye Shadow $42 Define your eyes to perfection using one of the two eyeshadow palettes that feature three fabulous lighter to dark hues. Use the hues individually or combine them to create the perfect mix of lights and darks, defining the eyes to perfection from day to evening. The palettes feature a cool 3D heart pattern signed with hugs and kisses from Trish and come in the following:



Trish McEvoy Golden Face Color Trio $38 Give your skin a boost of radiance with the help of this fab compact palette that features 3 fabulous shimmery pigments, peach, gold and bronze, that when mixed deliver instant skin beautifying results. The golden tone sheer finish will give your skin a healthy, luminous glow that will draw plenty of attention, so give the fab palette a try and make your skin glow from day to evening.