After a while eye shadows and mascaras can become literally useless due to their fragile texture. However, this time there’s no need to raid the stores to replace your favorite products with brand new ones. Consider the following easy tips to fix and recycle your makeup products, the pocket-friendly solution to all your beauty dilemmas. Read through these simple guidelines to recycle your makeup kit in an instant.

Create Liquid Eyeliner from Cracked Eye Shadow

This is one of the most creative tricks to recycle cracked eye shadow. All you have to do is add a tiny amount of eye-drops to your cracked eye shadow. The sterile and soft quality of this liquid will guarantee the proper application of your brand new eyeliner. Use the best applicator to define your glimpse.

Create Cream Blush from Cracked Face Powder

For this quick recycling use a medium-sized bowl. Pour the cracked face powder into the bowl and add a tiny amount of lip balm to it.

Mix the ingredients until you achieve the ideal texture. Use the soft cream blush each time you want to create the impression of a naturally glowing complexion.

Create Skin Highlighter from Translucent Powder and Aquafor

In order to create your own skin highlighter all you have to do is melt a tiny amount of aquafor and mix it with the crushed translucent powder.

Mix the ingredients until you get the soft and applicable texture. Pour the new formula into a container and use it with confidence each time you want to play up the beauty of your skin tone.

Fix Your Lackluster Nail Polish

Various nail polish formulas can lose their shiny effect. In order to rev up your favorite shades all you have to do is add a few drops of cuticle oil to the varnish. The mixture will hydrate your nails and will bring back the glam luster of the color.

Fix Your Clumpy Mascara

Are you struggling with your once-perfect now clumpy mascara? It’s time to use the following trick to restore the fluid texture of the product with a few drops of Coca-Cola. The sweet syrup from this beverage will give a soft consistency to the mascara and you’ll be able to use it without any difficulties.

Fix Makeup Products

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