Apparently, vampires still manage to fascinate and it’s no surprise why as the accentuated eyes and red color have always been a magnet for attention, a color of seduction. Makeup can truly be your BFF, especially if you’re using high quality products which contain ingredients which not only benefit the skin, but also deliver those flawless results you’re seeking. One of the labels which seems to have made its target to offer natural ingredients based makeup products is Tarte Cosmetics and their latest fall 2011 makeup collection for True Blood is definitely worth your attention.

Inspired by the latest and hottest HBO television series True Blood, the limited edition makeup collection captures the essence of the supernatural and delivers fantastic results. Vampire inspired makeup has definitely become a huge trend due to the high level of seductiveness it is capable of creating. The makeup collection offers variety with their palette due to the diversity of fabulous eye shadow colors that can be used to create natural makeup looks such as Sookie’s as well as sultry makeup looks such as Pam’s.

Tarte for True Blood Makeup Collection for Fall 2011

Tarte for True Blood Palette $52 The fabulous makeup palette features 17 eyeshadow shades which can be used to create a myriad of stylish looks, from natural to vampy-vixen, depending on personal preference. The eyeshadows feature skin beneficial ingredients such as Amazonian clay and natural minerals which not only deliver a high pigmented color, but a long lasting makeup as well. The palette also features a full size aqua-gel eyeliner in black, a natural mascara and a natural eye primer to ensure a complete and camera-ready makeup look that makes heads turn. The palette casing is just amazing, featuring a red and black snakeskin print corset design that just makes you want to have it!

Tarte for True Blood Makeup Collection for Fall 2011

Tarte for True Blood Natural Cheek Stain If you’ve been searching for the perfect blush to give your cheeks that amazing red cheeks innocence that is very provocative as well, stop searching and turn your attention towards Tarte’s natural red cheek stain. The sheer color blends easily with the skin leaving it pigmented and glowing at the same time. This creamy blush stick suits all skin tones and offers a high content of natural ingredients which benefit the skin, ingredients such as acai berry extract, acerola, goji berry extract, maracuja, pure water, mineral pigments as well as a blend of 5 fruit extract.

Tarte for True Blood LipSurgence Lip Tint Give your lips that high dose of seductiveness by coloring them with a gorgeous red hue. Bloody red lips have always been considered super sexy, so use this mint-infused red lip tint to make your lips ooze sexiness. Apart from a gorgeous lip hue, Tarte’s lip tint also offers you long lasting effects, hydration as well as a plumped-up lips effect due to the refreshing mint extract. Smooth and easy to apply, the lip tint can be your most powerful tool for a lovely natural or sultry makeup look.

Tarte has even a surprise stacked in for you, a “get the look” instruction manual which features 4 gorgeous makeup looks which you can create with the palette. Give them all a try as they are amazing and will help you dazzle at any event!

Tarte for True Blood

Photos courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics