If you’re passionate about the hottest beauty trends of the moment, it’s high time to arm up your makeup kit with high street formulas and shades. The famous cosmetic brand, Stila, shows you how to highlight your best features with a natural-looking and glamorous color palette. Look on trend by embracing eye and lip makeup colors that complement your skin tone.

Go for the breezy and effortless trends that allow you to create the illusion of a perfectly proportionate face shape and a flawless complexion. This season start your makeover by raiding the local stores for collections that can definitely provide you with an A-list kit of all the dressing-table staples that should feature in the beauty collection of all trendsetters. The Stila Summer 2011 makeup collection can save you from any beauty meltdowns, therefore, make sure you look for it online or at the specialized stores.

Stila Forever Your Curl Mascara One Step Bronze Stila Bronzer

The collection includes a wide range of products armed up with an exquisite and professionally inspired formula to spare us from smudging or any beauty blunders. Check out the most impressive elements of this chic makeup parade offered by Stila for the summer season.

Forever Your Curl Mascara

Stila came up with the idea of a mascara that not only tints, but also shapes our lashes. The Forever Your Curl Mascara has the power of a natural perm that will define the ideal shape of your eyelashes after using it for a series of occasions. In order to have a similar high tech beauty product on your dressing-table, make sure you trawl the market for the Stila summer 2011 makeup collection.

One Step Bronze

Flaunt your sun-kissed complexion with this fabulous serum that can work as a primer, illuminator as well as bronzer. Dress up your skin with a radiant glow that still looks natural. Build up your spotless base makeup with this must have product from the Stila summer collection.

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

The complete set of Sparkle waterproof liquid liner will provide you with the best means to define your eye shape and turn your glimpse into a statement accessory. There’s no need to limit yourself to classy black, Stila offers you the privilege to try your hand at the most glamorous and versatile hues.Check out this complex selection of eye liner shades included in this collection:

Sequins Black with silver sparkle

Bora Bora Teal with blue sparkle

Curacao Bright blue with blue sparkle

Flash Olive with gold sparkle

Rock Candy Brown with multi-pearl

Electric Bright green with sparkle

Royal Purple with multi-pearl

Starry Slate with silver sparkle

Stila Summer 2011 New Lip Gloss Shades

Sorbet-Inspired Lip Glaze

These lip glosses are so delicious you can hardly keep them on your lips. The flavored lip makeup products look stunning when embedded into your glam summer makeup. Thanks to the pen formula, you’ll have no difficulties applying it on your lips. Drop a glimpse on the shades you can pick your favorite lip gloss color from.

Angel Food

Cotton Candy



Bubble Gum


Image courtesy of Stila Cosmetics