Stila’s Light Up The World spring 2011 makeup line is a perfect match for the new season as it brings neutrals and darks to the table, enabling you to define your facial features while still maintaining a natural, glowing look.

The variety of products and shades featured in the new collection allow you to find your perfect match, as complementing the complexion is a definite must if you want to look gorgeous but natural at the same time.

The new makeup collection is great for all skin tones so you will definitely find a product that will complement your complexion. Different products will help you achieve different looks, help you be diverse with your makeup.

The collection features a Valentine’s Day inspired blush which will instantly brighten up your complexion, giving your cheekbones a bit of extra-lovin’. The Make Me Blush palette features a lovely heart design which combines different shades of pink and a touch of tan. Mix the soft colors to add a bit of warmth and luminosity to your cheeks and your complexion. An equally important aid for your complexion and skin is powder and the All Over Shimmer Powder in Kitten which can help get a radiant glow. Use the powder on you cheeks, cleavage, legs, eyes, cheeks, you name it, as it is a multipurpose makeup powder.

To ensure your complexion radiates beauty and health, Stila has created three fabulous tinted moisturizers. The tinted moisturizers are also beneficial for the skin as they offer sun protection (SPF 20) to ensure your skin is guarded against the damaging factors of UV light given off by the sun. The products can be found in the following shades:

sheer color tinted moisturizer

illuminating tinted moisturizer

bronzing moisturizer

Lip makeup can make a huge difference when it comes to your look, as the lips are considered by men, one of women’s most seductive body parts. Stila’s proposition for your lip makeup in spring 2011 is light and natural:

silk shimmer gloss

coconut crush lip & cheek stain

The eyes are considered to be the gateway to a person’s soul, so eye makeup can really add some depth to your look. However in order for an eye makeup to look amazing it has to look flawless and one way to achieve this is by using a high quality primer. Stila’s Prime Pot Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer ensures a flawless and creaseless makeup wear which will allow you to look dazzling without retouches. The primer pots come in two lovely shades:taffy and caramel.

The eye shadow trio pack looks lovely and can pose as a great option to define your eyes. The makeup palette contains 3 fabulous shades which can be used individually or mixed for various makeup looks. You can find the makeup palette in various shades such as:

Gilded – a golden shade

Ethereal – shimmery grays

Goddess – neutral-bronzes

Rocker – smoky grays

Venus – purples

Bella – pinks

Going Green – green hues

Afterhours – bright vibrant shades

Stila’s new eyeliner pen is easy to use and come in different shades. Depending on the look that suits your style best select one of the following two products:

kitten glitter eye liner

stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner

Photo courtesy Stila Cosmetics