Each season we're mesmerized by the new wave of makeup products and textures and this season Sonia Rykiel's summer 2013 makeup collection is the one that got us gasping for air as the popular brand has managed to put together a stunning makeup lineup for the new season. Obviously during the hot season you should limit yourself to wearing just a little bit of makeup as sweat and heavy makeup are not exactly a dream combo!

Fortunately, Sonia Rykiel's summer 2013 makeup collection focused on bringing makeup essentials that can add the right amount of depth and glamor to your features, so be sure to check them all out! A lovely selection of high shine glosses, eyeshadow quads and eyeliners/brow pencils will tempt you into underlining your beauty and with so many on-trend pigments to choose from, making the right choice will definitely come effortless. So, without further ado we proudly present the new Sonia Rykiel summer 2013 makeup essentials to put to the test:

Sonia Rykiel Summer 2013 Makeup Collection (2)

Sonia Rykiel Sublime Lip Gloss
Sometimes even a bit of lipgloss and no makeup can look fresh and fabulous and these are the lip gloss pigments that can totally give you that doll look this summer, so give them a try as their fab texture and high shine finish will definitely give your lips a glam allure. The new shades available are:
04 Soft light pink
05 Medium pink creme
06 Peachy-pink
07 Neutral-gold
08 Neutral brown
09 Milk chocolate

Sonia Rykiel Summer 2013 Makeup Collection (1)

Sonia Rykiel Perfect Eyeshadow
Eight new fab eyeshadow quads are brought to the counters and each one features a blend of 4 distinct pigments that can help you add a bit of depth and drama to your gaze. Go monochromattic or play with your fave shades as regardless of your choice your peepers will surely mesmerize. The new summer 2013 makeup collection by Sonia Rykiel includes the following eyeshadow palettes:

01 Urban
02 French Casual
03 High-End
04 Nude
05 Royal
06 Coquettis
07 Masculine
08 Rykiel Heart

Sonia Rykiel Summer 2013 Makeup Collection (3)

Sonia Rykiel Perfect Eyeliner
The amount of definition a creamy, high pigmented eyeliner can bring is amazing, so be sure to test the powers of these new eyeliner pigments and make your gaze look piercing from day to evening as you can wear the pigment smudged close to the lashes, smudged across the waterline or paired with your fave eyeshadow to add that drama effect, so here are the new pigments to have fun with this summer:

01 Gray
02 Navy Blue
03 Brown
04 Lilac
05 Taupe
06 Blue

Sonia Rykiel Perfect Eyebrow
Sculpt, alter and perfect your eyebrows with the help of this fabulous soft eyebrow pen featuring the color cartridge on one end and a taming brush on the other end. Three shades are available ranging from light yellow-brown to dark brown, so choose your best match as the entire collection is already available for purchase!

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Photos: Sonia Rykiel Cosmetics