Perfectly sculpted eyebrows have always been a reason for envy as their beauty boosting power is irrefutable and now, Sigma Beauty has put together the Expert Brow Design Kit that contains pretty much anything you need to pluck, groom and polish your eyebrows. Check out the fab brow design kit!

It's absolutely amazing the difference perfectly sculpted eyebrows can make when it comes to beauty, but unfortunately most women either sport botched-up eyebrows or the wrong shape as defining the eyebrows to perfection is not an easy task. However, now you have the chance to get designer looking eyebrows effortlessly using makeup and one of the brands that aims to make this process enjoyable is Sigma Beauty's Expert Brown Design Kit.

Keeping the eyebrows perfectly trimmed and maintaining a professional, symmetric eyebrow shape is difficult without the help of a beautician, but thanks to the progressions that are constantly made in the beauty industry, sculpting your own eyebrows to perfection will now seem like child's play. Sigma Beauty Expert Brown Design Kit provides all the essential tools to define your brow to suit your needs and style. Give an arching to your brow, shape it to suit your facial features and groom the hairs to achieve salon-like eyebrows with the following tools included in the Brow Design Kit:

5 Brow Powder Shades in - Bella, Chloé, Scarlett, Natasha and Valentina

E75 - Angled Brow

E80 – Wand Dual-Ended Brush

Dual-Ended Brow Pencil

Dual-Ended Brow Gel

Dual-Ended Highlighting Pencil

Small, Medium and Large Brow Stencils




Use the small, medium, large brow stencils to determine the shape that suits your face shape and use the tools to modify, correct and intensify the brows to perfection and prepare to be amazed by the results. The kit that retails for $69 will quickly become your go-to beauty kit when it comes to defining your features, so check it out and find out if it suits your needs!

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