As one of the oldest beauty brands of the world, Shiseido decided to target the mainstream beauty fans. The series of makeup products can be used by fashionistas regardless of age and personality. Using the latest technology in the production of revolutionary formulas guarantees the worldwide success of the various makeup products.

The promo pictures for the latest Shiseido spring 2012 makeup collection portray Raquel Zimmerman as a real glam diva armed up with a slightly supernatural and vibrant makeup. The color palette for the warm season includes shades like plum, mango and opal. Those who are ready to take their beauty regime to the next level should definitely get hold of these high-street lipsticks and creamy eye shadows. It’s time to fuse refinement with extravagance and nail down a sophisticated and inspiring makeup look.

Shiseido Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

The new Shiseido collection offers the following products:

Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Lip Color

The revolutionary lipstick formula contains colorful pigments and keeps your lips moisturized. The shades you can experiment with are the following:

Opal – luminous pink with metallic violet glow

Sorbet – icy pale pink

Mango – vibrant golden orange

Sugar Plum – grayish red with a hint of verdigris

Venus – profound reddish violet

Temptress – reddish brown with a hint of copper

Butter Scotch – warm beige

Shimmering Cream Eye Color

The light texture of the creamy eyeshadow guarantees the perfect application and helps you give an alluring vibe to your glimpse. The colors to choose from are the following:

Pale Shell – a delicate cool pink

Ice – a luminous turquoise

Sunshower – a soft translucent orange

Shiseido Spring 2012 Makeup Collection Shiseido Spring 2012 Makeup Collection Shiseido Spring 2012 Makeup Collection Shiseido Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Image courtesy of Shiseido