If you’re all about adding a little bit of drama to your look and be the center of attention at any event, you are most definitely going to love the new Paperself false eyelash collection, now available at Sephora. Inspired by the ancient art of Chinese paper cutting, the label has put their imagination to the test and transposed their ideas in a super sophisticated false eyelash collection.

Push the boundaries and opt for a dramatic look that makes you steal the spotlight. The intricate false lashes are definitely not for the fainthearted, so wear them with confidence and opt for the design that underlines your personality. Because each style carries a symbolic meaning, you can opt for the design that represents you. Six fabulous glam eye accessories have been created to enchant, so take a peek at the new designs and pick your favorites.

Paperself Eyelashes Paperself Eyelashes

Available at Sephora stores, the Paperself false eyelashes in Peacock ($19), Under the Sea ($19), Small peach Blossom ($17), Dear & Butterfly ($19), Peach Blossom ($19), and Small Under the Sea ($17) can definitely emphasize your fierce style and gorgeous facial features. If you wish to transmit a hidden message through your falsies, you can opt for the eyelashes that symbolize what you’re feeling. Peacock represents auspicious and lucky days, Peach blossom symbolizes love and romance while the Butterfly designs represent freedom, beauty and sensitivity. Under the Sea has been created through the collaboration of the label with ‘The Broken Hearts’ a well known DJ duo from Europe.

The intricate, special occasion designs are made out of parer so they are definitely unique pieces. This concept is definitely singular, so if you feel unique and want to underline your style and creativity, go for an expressive false eyelash style.

Paperself is no stranger to these designs, the London-based label has transposed this Chinese paper cutting technique into furniture and lighting decorations as well. Browse through the label’s latest paper false eyelash designs and take a peek at their previous models as they are all worth your attention.

Photos courtesy of Paperself