Matthew Williamson teamed up with Benefit Cosmetics in order to create a gorgeous, ’70s-inspired makeup palette called ‘The Rich is Back‘. The famous designer’s kit for the beauty brand features four eyeshadow shades, a mini mascara, blush, and lip gloss.

Why the seventies? Williamson explains his source of inspiration in an interview with Elle. “It’s my favorite era, from a creative perspective. I was born in the ’70s, and I watched my mom’s style when I was a kid, it was so inspiring. For me, it’s the chicest era. I love that languid, not-taking-things-serious quality that you get,” the designer said.

According to Matthew Williamson, The Rich is Back makeup palette includes some of his “favourite iconic prints and the fun-loving, light-hearted spirit of the Benefit girl.” “I wanted a palette that would work for many skin types and many ages, and I think it’s quite a natural face. The teal is an extra pop that you can use in various degrees that you choose. I guess it’s that sort of peacock iridescent green that I love, and it works well on lots of different kinds of people,” Williamson told Harper’s Bazaar.

Matthew Williamson Benefit Makeup Palette

Ah, but that packaging! Those dazzling prints absolutely fab! Peacock feathers and flowers in eye-popping hues encapsulate a palette that contains everything a girl needs in order to keep her makeup fresh and fun throughout the sunny season.

On the patterns chosen, Williamson says that, “Well, I sent over all these patterns thinking Benefit would pick one [laughs], but they picked them all, and it became this kaleidoscopic throwback retrospect of my prints. It’s such a flashback for me to see them all together. I have vivid memories of these patterns coming alive. For instance, this one [points to the peacock feather pattern] was so huge in the U.K. during the boho trend [moment]. Sienna [Miller} wore it, and it became a motif for our brand.”

“This is high-octane glam makeup for dressing up to look fabulous and dance the night away,” Williamson says. So, if you’re eager to add a cheerful touch to your makeup routine, you should know that ‘The Rich is Back’ palette, £26.50, by Matthew Williamson for Benefit, will be available at Sephora starting June 15.  

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