Yes, they help us feel more beautiful and confident, but you should know that certain ingredients, such as preservatives or fragrances can cause allergic reactions because they can act like antigens.

Eye Makeup Allergy Symptoms

Eye makeup allergy can be associated with other allergic conditions such as atopic eczema, or dermatitis or hay fever (allergic rhinitis). But how can you spot that you’re in fact dealing with makeup allergy? Here are some typical symptoms!

Among these symptoms we may include the inflammation of the conjunctiva, caused mainly by the allergens’ reaction. This inflammation causes the enlargement of blood vessels in the conjunctiva. What’s the result? The unpleasing red aspect of your eyes (it can range from mild redness to severe swelling).

Makeup Allergy Ingredients

If you found out what the main symptoms of makeup allergy are, you should also know what are the cosmetic ingredients that cause these reactions, so that you can prevent allergies from now on.

Makeup Allergy Ingredients

Shea Butter

Shea butter seems completely harmless but if you happen to have a nut allergy, you can turn out to be very sensitive to it. The author of Simple Skin Beauty, Dr. Ellen Marmur, claims that those allergic to nuts can experience sensitivity towards cocoa and shea butter, even to natural ingredients.


Because this is also flu season, we have the tendency to wash our hands more frequently and in some cases, soap can cause some itchy rashes to our hands. If they’re inflamed, we recommend staying away from any type of sanitizer that has triclosan among its ingredients.


You should stay away from these preservatives because they can cause makeup allergy rash. Manufacturers use parabens (e.g. benzyl, propyl, methyl, etc.) because they’re cheap and, if you experience redness, you should start searching for products that are paraben-free, such as Aubrey Organics or Dr. Hauschka.

Phthalates Free Nail Polishes


Also called dinbututyl phthlate, it is frequently used by cosmetic companies to extend the life of nail polishes. Listed as DBP, it is considered to be a potential cause of birth defects and allergic rashes and has been banned in Europe. So, if you want to buy a new nail polish, find one that is phthlate free.

We suggest trying out Spa Ritual or Zoya because they have a wide range of great products. Just go on Zoya’s website and choose your favorite nail polish ($8 each).

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