The seasonal struggle of finding the perfect long lasting eye makeup tones may just come to an end thanks to the fab new Make Up For Ever additions to the Aqua line. Check out the 12 new offerings by the professional brand.

The change of seasons doesn't solely mean changes in the color palette due to the new trends that dominate the scene makeup wise. On a very functional level, the products we choose have to face very different types of challenges from one season to the next which means paying attention to the formulas is of utmost importance. If long lasting, smudge proof eye makeup is one of your top priorities, the newest Make Up For Ever collection, Aqua Shadows is sure to catch your interest.

The brand has taken note of the difficult mission makeup artists working for various fashion events have. Last year's Mercedes Benz Swim edition was a particular light bulb type of moment for the brand as the reality of having to apply a makeup that will be smudge proof and that will stay perfect even under hot lights and humidity sunk in.

Make Up For Ever Spring/Summer 2012 Aqua Shadows

The new collection of the brand is meant to deliver high performance makeup both to makeup artists working in challenging environments and to women who prefer not having to worry about retouching their makeup several times a day. Furthermore, the eyeshadow pencils make applying the hot tones an easy matter, which means that the new additions to the collection won't prove a challenge for those who don't consider themselves particularly skilled at the art of perfect makeup application. Here are the hot new tones you can already purchase from Sephora:

Make Up For Ever Spring/Summer 2012 Aqua Shadows

0E Matte black
2E Matte brown
4E Matte taupe grey
6E Matte navy blue
8E Matte green
20E Pearly taupe
22E Pearly coper
24E Pearly pink
26E Pearly peach
28E Pearly beige
30E Pearly pink beige
32E Pearly white

Simplify your makeup routine while simultaneously creating a fab makeup look that will reflect your personality and your trend knowledge with any of these twelve, waterproof eyeshadows, which are the perfect additions to the Aqua collection. Each product is priced at $20.

Make Up For Ever Spring/Summer 2012 Aqua Shadows

Photo courtesy of Make Up For Ever