It seems that creativity has reached an all-time high at MAC as the cosmetics brand has released yet again a fabulous makeup collection in tune with the spring 2012 makeup color trends. Fusing the succulent shades with high shine pearl pigments, the new Too Supreme makeup collection signed MAC will be hard to resist, so give in to temptation and pick your favorite from the vast array of lipsticks and lipglasses that can accentuate your natural beauty.

The new season is all about toning things down a bit as far as the number of products you apply on your complexion as heat, sweat and heavy makeup are old arch-enemies. Because of this colored lipsticks and lip glosses are making their way to the front of the beauty stands as their beautifying powers are known. The high quality formulas created by MAC ensures your lips will steal the spotlight and offer your lips a silky feel with every application, so check out the new supreme lip products and pick your new season favorites:

MAC Too Supreme Spring 2012 Collection

Sheen Supreme Lipglass Featuring a high shine formula and irresistible succulent pigments, these lip glasses will surely help you make heads turn. Because perfection is a must especially when it comes to tinted lip products, MAC has created a pen-style design for the Sheen Supreme Lipglass collection, a design that features a soft brush applicator that delivers the perfect amount of frosty finish color exactly where you need it. The following hues are featured in the collection:

Jasmine Honey – a light cream beige

Fuji Pink – a pale peach with low level pearl

Moon Beach – a warm light beige with pearl

Cherry Fest – a rose with high pearl infusion

Sweet Bean – a cool beige with pearl

Almond Blossom – a pale pink with high shine pearl

Mango Sheen – bright coral pearl

Asian Butterfly – lilac with pearl

Imperial Red – bright rose with pearl

Dress Kimono – mid tone frosted plum

Black Tea – deep brown with pearl

MAC Too Supreme 2012 Sheen Supreme Lipglass MAC Too Supreme 2012 Sheen Supreme Lipglass MAC Too Supreme 2012 Sheen Supreme Lipglass

Sheen Supreme Lipsticks Give your lips an instant touch of glamor with these amazing cream/frost finish lipsticks signed by MAC. The soft formula provides an easy, smooth and flawless application every time, so select your supreme hue from the following:

Supremely Confident – cream finish pale nude

Happy Hibiscus – frosty finish creamy white pink

Fashion City – cream finish neutral coral pink

Bare Again – cream finish pinky neutral beige

Tea Ceremony – creamy finish neutral beige pink

Sheer Mandarin – cream finish mid-tone yellow orange

Korean Candy – cream finish bright orange-red

Supreme Style – frost light coral pink with pearl

Royal Azlea – cream finish mid-tone pink

Blossom Cultur e- frosty finish soft pink with pearl

Zen Rose – cream finish bright mid-tone fuchsia

Insanely It – cream finish watermelon pink

Asian Flower – cream finish creamy lavender

MAC Too Supreme 2012 Sheen Supreme Lipsticks MAC Too Supreme 2012 Sheen Supreme Lipsticks MAC Too Supreme 2012 Sheen Supreme Lipsticks

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics