The MAC Indulge fall 2013 makeup collection has a clearly defined mission: to make you indulge in some of its hottest new season products, but is this new line lust-worthy enough to make us abandon all caution and let the temptation get the best of us? Preliminary conclusions, based on the new line’s luxurious looking promotional pics suggests that the answer might be ‘yes’. They manage to capture some of the best things about the new season: the chance to play with amazing rich tones and fabulous textures and to experiment with dramatic makeup looks instantly put us into the spotlight. 

The label invites you to experiment with these fab shades:

MAC Indulge Fall 2013 Eyeshadows ($15)These ultra rich, dramatic shades are perfect for making a fab statement in the new season! Consider adding one of these fab tones to your new season makeup kit:Guilty Morsel – light goldSex & The Oyster – grayish greenThree Ring Yellow – green yellowDivine Decadence – bronzePalace Pedigreed – dark plum

Mac Indulge Collection Fall 2013 1

MAC Indulge Fall 2013 Fluidline ($16)While gorgeous trendy eyeshadows are great to have to truly emphasize your peepers, you’ll want to rely on one of these fab eyeliners:Blacktrack – blackDeliciously Rich – dark brownish grayGilt Gourmet – gold glitter

MAC Indulge Fall 2013 Naughty Double Effect Mascara ($16)No matter what looks we experiment with, we never underestimate the role mascara plays in creating a seductive look and the new Very Black edition is definitely worth your attention.

MAC Indulge Fall 2013 Haute & Naughty Too Black Lash ($20)The same can be said about the Super Thin Black mascara.

Mac Indulge Fall 2013

MAC Indulge Fall 2013 Powder Blush ($21)By the same token, totally game changing yet often underestimated products like blushes should not be neglected, especially when they are as fun as the Tease Your Tastes, a spectacular soft baby pink tone.

MAC Indulge Fall 2013 Lipstick ($15)Amazing classy tones are essential for getting the kissable lips you crave and these gorgeous tones are perfect for such an important task:Smash Hit – golden flashBy Design – shimmering pastel beigeFeed The Senses – purple nude colorJust a Bite – light blue red

Mac Fall 2013 Makeup

MAC Indulge Fall 2013 Lipglass ($15)These ultra seductive lip gloss tones are designed to make you turn heads instantly:Ultimate Dish – pearl beige stardustLiqueur – faintly glowing brown grayFashion Punch – light pinkUtterly Tart – crimson

Mac Indulge Fall 2013 Collection

MAC Indulge Fall 2013 Nail Lacquer ($16)Your new season makeover isn’t complete without some spectacular nail polish tones that perfectly match the spirit of the new season. The brand comes with six amazing shades with two different textures: Frost (first half) and Creme:Magnificent Feast – sparkling pure goldSinfully Sweet – champagne gold pearlOver-Indulge – gunmetal gold pearlImpassioned – bright warm pinkRebel – light cream purpleScreening Room – light blue green

For perfect results every single time, the MAC Indulge Fall 2013 collection which will be released in August also includes these practical brushes: 266 Small Angle Brush($20) and 213 Fluff Brush ($23).

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Photos: TheSundayGirl