The MAC Antonio Lopez fall 2013 makeup collection is the first from numerous new lines for the chilly season. This time, the source of inspiration is the fashion illustrator’s work who collaborated with prestigious magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar or ELLE and created illustrations for luxury labels like Missoni, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent and Versace. Though he passed away at 44, his unique work continues to inspire.

The newest MAC fall 2013 collection is definitely an interesting tribute to the artist and brings exciting ’80s inspired palettes and bold cases. If you’re one of the MAC fans for whom part of the appeal of MAC products is the creative packaging, be warned: the new collection will seriously test your willpower, so budgeting accordingly for the new line would not be a bad idea, considering the variety of products included in the new line. Like any major seasonal lines, the new MAC Antonio Lopez makeup collection brings spectacular options for all the style needs. With three gorgeous eye palettes, three spectacular lip palettes and two versatile face palettes, the new line is filled with interesting options:

MAC Antonio Lopez Face Palette ($46.50)

The limited edition color Antonio Lopez face palettes are divided into two shades: pink and coral with different finishes for maximum versatility. The Antonio Lopez Pink Face Palette features the following tones: Belighful (light bronze with golden shimmer iridescent powder), Pure Femininity (mid tone blue pink powder blush) and Peaceful (mid tone peach beauty powder).

The MAC Antonio Lopez Coral Face Palette features these three fab tones: Star (peachy gold with pink and gold pearlized pigment iridescent powder), Passion for Color (mid-tone coral blush) and Smooth Harmony (medium golden bronze beauty powder).

Mac Mario Lopez Face PaletteMac Mario Lopez 6 Eyes Palette Violet

MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes Palette ($43.50)

Embrace the new season by investing in spectacular new eyeshadows. From gorgeous versatile neutral shades to high impact shades perfect for the new season, the new MAC line brings three fab palettes: MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes Violet Palette which features the following tones: Showgirl (dark blue grey pearl), Carbon (intense black), Graphic Style (deep silver), Lithe Spirit (cool cream, light neutral), Envisionary Pink (mid tone blue pink) and Violet Impact (vibrant violet).

Mac Mario Lopez 6 Eyes Palette TealMac Mario Lopez 6 Eyes Palette Creative Copper

The MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes Teal Palette with these fab tones: Colorful Life, Fashion Legend, Night Train, Sex & Disco, Freshwater, Sketchbook.

The MAC Antonio Lopez 6 Eyes Creative Copper Palette which brings these versatile tones with different finishes: Sear Cupcake(midtone coral pink), Artistic License (midtone frosty pink), Easy Gesture (pale warm beige), Creative Copper(sparkly true gold), Touch(tarnished taupe) and Carbonized (deep warm brown).

MAC Antonio Lopez Lip Palette ($27.50)

When it comes to spectacular lip shades for the new season, the new MAC fall 2013 makeup line brings no shortage of options with nine spectacular tones comprised in three fab palettes: Nudes, Fuchsia and Red. Looking for options for a subtle classy look? The MAC Antonio Lopez Nudes Lip Palette consisting of these gorgeous tones can be a great choice: Art Directed (glossy champagne), Antonio’s Girls(light peach) and Vivid Image (light white pink).

Mac Mario Lopez Lip Palette NudeMac Mario Lopez Lip Palette Fuchsia

Craving a classic seductive look? Rely on the gorgeous shades from the new MAC Antonio Lopez Red Lip Palette: Scarlet Ibis (bright orange-red), Mac Red (vivid bright bluish red) and Deeply Adored (deep scarlet).

Looking to embrace your feminine side? Why not experiment with the MAC Antonio Lopez Fuchsia Lip Palette with these tones: Candy Yum Yum (neon magenta pink), Moxie (bright pink), Violetta (bright clean violet purple).

Mac Mario Lopez Lip Palette RedMac Mario Lopez Compact Mirror

Aside from these fab tones, the new MAC Antonio Lopez fall 2013 makeup collection which will be launched in August will also include a new and limited edition Antonio Lopez compact mirror ($25), a MAC Antonio Lopez Tote ($55) that will be available online only and a MAC Antonio Lopez Make Up Bag ($40) that will be sold in MAC stores only.

Mac Mario Lopez Blush BrushMac Mario Lopez Makeup Cases

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