Baby, it’s hot outside, so get totally playful this season and try colorful looks inspired by touches of butterfly in order to attract people’s eyes. We are excited to introduce you the new Lunasol spring/summer 2013 makeup point collection featuring sophisticated vivid colors specially created for sophisticated women. Check out the brand’s goodies and pick your favs!

Whether you want a soft, natural and feminine look or a bright and fresh finish, the Lunasol spring/summer 2013 collection has you covered!

Lunasol Vivid Clear EyesAre you eager to catch everyone’s attention? Lunasol’s makeup line includes a four-color eye shadow set that contains two hues, a vivid and a sheer one. This eye shadow lets you play with colors as you like such as adjusting color nuance by blending vivid and natural colors. Clarity increases as the colors are layered, creating vibrant-looking and attractive eyes.

Lunasol Spring Summer 2013 Makeup Collection (6)

Lunasol Brow Styling CompactLunasol comes with a renewed and improved version of the Brow Styling Compact for its spring/summer 2013 collection. The powdery compact creates natural, three-dimensional eyebrows and enables you to adjust the color as desired by using three shades, including a light color that shapes the eyebrows. Any woman can easily experience natural-looking eyebrows with depth by lightly applying a nuance color. Choose from:

Grayish BrownNatural Brown.

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Lunasol High Stylized MascaraBoost self-confidence this season opting for dramatic lashes! The Lunasol High Stylized Mascara adds volume while amazingly shaping your eyelashes. A rich an thick mascara containing different kinds of wax, which adds volume while curling the lashes and creates dramatic wonderfully-detailed looking eyes. It comes in:

Clear Black – accentuates the eyes with a vivid blackNatural Brown for bright, light-looking eyes

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Lunasol Coloring CheeksThe new Lunasol Coloring Cheeks seems to be a magic product that creates a natural, healthy-looking complexion by blending three colors has been renewed. Provides a long-lasting effect and allows the cheek color to blend lightly with the skin.

You can choose from:Light Pink – for an airy, feminine lookLight Coral – for a fresh and bright impressionSoft Beige Red – natural, healthy-looking complexion

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Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid LipsCheck out these bright and cheerful colors that announce the arrival of sunny days. Offering a great finish, the five colors in Lunasol’s spring/summer 2013 makeup collection adhere comfortably and stay longer on the lips. There are five delicious shades:

Shining Clear Pink – for an airy and vibrant lookShiny Pink – for a gorgeous look with delicate sparklesPure Coral – naturally blends with the lips to bring out an adorable lookRed Beige – for a cool yet feminine lookShiny Coral Pink – for cute lips

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Lunasol Treatment GlossThis is a serum-type of lip gloss that adds a beautiful color and creates plump lips. It also moisturizes your lips.

Lunasol Spring Summer 2013 Makeup Collection (4)

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Photos: Kanebo