Give your look a total makeover with the newest makeup collection signed Lancome for fall 2011. The Parisian feel attached to the collection will lure you into experimenting with different hues, so check out the collection and select your favorites for a show stopping look!

Because prepping in advance for the new trends is a must for women who love fashion, beauty and style, the biggest cosmetic brands have tried their best to release their fall collections even before the summer began. Lancome is one of these brands and the label's 29 St. Honore makeup collection for fall 2011 has already been revealed to enchant the women who adore makeup. With the new trends set all you need to do now is wait for the collections to hit the shelves and stock-up on your favorites.

The new trends in makeup complete perfectly the new season fashion trends so you can look hot and up-to-date. Lancome's new fall 2011 makeup collection titled St. Honore looks amazing and provides all the essentials to a seductive, Parisian style look. The collection actually pays a tribute to Lancome and Paris, as the brand's legendary boutique House of Lancome is located on 29 Saint Honore street. The latest collection bares the name of the location and incorporates a heavy load of Parisian elegance and sophistication, so if you're all about showing off your best features, give the new collection a try.

Lancome 29 St Honore Fall 2011 Makeup Collection Lancome 29 St Honore Fall 2011 Blush

Lancome 29 St Honore Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

Lancome Maison Blush
The new blush featured in the Lancome 29 St. Honor makeup collection for fall and titled Maison is the “pièce de résistance” of the collection. The colors as well as the design have a very attractive look due to the perfect union between vintage and contemporary details that truly make a difference. The blush features a soft pink hue which is subtly and gorgeously enriched with gold flecks, for a glam, yet subtle look. The Parisian feel of the pressed blush powder is underlined by the decorative Eiffel Tower and Lancome logo that stand out.

Lancome Nail Polishes
Definitely one of the must haves of 2011 is nail polish and there are a vast variety of hues you can turn towards to accentuate your beauty. However, Lancome's proposition for the fall season is all about statement classics, complementing hues. Black and red are the two nail polish hues featured in the collection and they look amazing. The two hues are definitely not for everyone and they do require a certain confidence when worn due to the highly pigmented finish that steals the eyes. Use these hues individually or combine them for an uber-sophisticated look.

Black No.29

Red Saint Honore No.22

Lancome Fall 2011 Lipsticks Lancome 29 St Honore Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

Lancome Lipsticks
Apparently, Aaron de Mey, the creative makeup director from Lancome has drawn inspiration from the vintage period when beauty was underlined best through red colored lips. The comeback of the red lips trend is definitely hot and Lancome is bringing you three red lipstick shade variations so you can find the perfect match for you. The right pigmented lipsticks can be easily applied for a flawless, classic-style icon finish that dazzles while the Pro-Hylan ingredient will ensure your lips remain luscious and youthful for longer. Select one of the following red hues:

Rouge 29 - a bluish red

Faubourg Rouge - red lipstick enriched with red flakes

Rouge Saint Honore - highly pigmented red

Lancome Eyeshadow Palette
To balance the look, Lancome opted for earth tones, more classic eye makeup that compliments most complexions. The eyeshadow quad looks amazing and will balance your look well, especially since the lips are highly pigmented and accentuated. The Blonde Fatalle 02 palette is easy to use and will force a bit of a more natural allure to your look.
Use the colors individually or combine them for a sophisticated look that will take everyone's breath away from first glance.

Lancome 29 St Honore Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of Lancome