Kate Upton is the new face of Bobbi Brown, the renowned makeup artist announced yesterday. It seems that swimsuit model’s first campaign for the makeup label will emerge in July and that the confidence the model exudes was the one of the main reasons why she was chosen to represent the brand: “Proud to announce @KateUpton as the new face of Bobbi Brown—a beautiful, confident, empowered woman,” the makeup artist wrote on Instagram.

Kate Upton was no less enthusiastic about her new role as brand ambassador, especially since she loves the philosophy the makeup brand is based on: 

“I’m thrilled to be the face of Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Bobbi is an American success story – she created a global brand from an idea that women can be beautiful being exactly who they are and I love that,” she stated in a press release.

Kate Upton And Bobbi Brown

However, the model’s appreciation for the brand goes way beyond simple conceptual notions. It seems like she was an avid fan of the brand’s products ever since she began experimenting with makeup and it seems like the love for Bobbi Brown makeup products runs in the family: “I am a huge product fan. I love trying new things. I get that from my mom and my sisters. We always share products. I’ve always used Bobbi Brown. That’s the cool thing — I can do an interview and not have to lie,”she stated.

Kate Upton And Bobbi Brown Makeup SessionKate Upton Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Campaign Shoot

Judging by the first picture the brand has put forward, it seems like the makeup artist is really keen on emphasizing the “you, but better” approach that has been pivotal to the brand’s success. It’s still unclear whether Kate Upton is replacing Katie Holmes as the face of the brand or if both stars will be starring in separate campaigns since the renowned makeup artist’s comments on the contribution both stars have in representing the label left plenty of room for interpretation: “Katie was such a big hit, but I also know lots of people are happy I’ve found a blonde!” Either way, it will definitely be interesting the new ad campaigns the beauty retailer is preparing for the upcoming months.

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