The new season seems to be all about freshness and natural beauty as far as makeup goes as designers have turned their attention towards the beauty of flower gardens and transposed the beauty of flowers into their new seasonal products. One of the beauty labels that managed to capture the essence of the spring season into each makeup palette is Jill Stuart, and the label’s Bare Petal spring 2012 makeup collection is the perfect example of the immense inspiration nature can bring.

Through an arrangement of playful and fresh colors and textures, the Jill Stuart Bare Petal spring 2012 makeup collection displays an irresistible allure and with Ginta Lapina as the face for the upcoming collection, the result is just spectacular. Femininity at its finest can be achieved with the collection that feels like “the glittering of the sun, the singing of the birds, colorful flowers and gentle breeze brushing your cheeks.”

The new collection features limited edition makeup products that mix contemporary styles with a bohemian allure that is hard to resits. Pick your favorite products from the collection and let your imagination take over.

Jill Stuart Jewel Crystal Eyes Get a fresh look by decorating your eyelids with these cute, bright eye colors featured in a lovely floral print palette case. Four lovely eye colors enriched with ‘Milk Base’ will provide layers of color and shine, so you can look ravishing every single time. The Blooming Roselite palette features three brights and one dark, for an array of multi-dimensional looks.

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact Designed to create a seductive natural flush as though the cheeks were caressed by flower petals, the new Sprouting Joy blush palette features a mix of pink and orange tones that become glossy as soon as the product touches the skin. The innovative wax formula provides a smooth, translucent and even finish as the wax melts at skin temperature. Featuring a special blush made from 100% goat hair, this blush will quickly become your favorite.

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N Give your peepers a lustrous gaze using these limited edition eye shadow jellys that are formulated to provide a highly translucent, sparkly finish that lasts for hours. Two lovely hues will enchant your eyes, so pick your favorites from:

17 Murmuring River – white silver

18 Bird Flutter – coral orange

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom Define your cheeks with a lovely natural pink powder blush in Pure Magnolia, a duo color blush that brings the beauty of pink and salmon-pink to the scene. Translucent and with a soft shimmery finish, the blush is easy to use and provides a long lasting finish for a joyful and fresh look.

Jill Stuart Lip Jewel Give your lips an incredible boost of shine, color and seductiveness by enveloping them in a translucent lip color that will make your lips glitter like gemstones under sunlight. The formula infused with almond oil and wild rose extract will provide your lips with the necessary moisture, for a soft and sensual finish. The following hues are available in the collection:

15 Cherubic Spinel – innocent pink with soft sparkle

16 Shiny Carnelian – fresh orange with sweet pink sparkle

Jill Stuart Jelly Lip Gloss Coat your lips with an array of spring perfect lip gloss hues that apply easily and provide a long lasting, full lips finish. Opt for the following on trend hues:

26 Pretty Bougainvillea – vivid, clear rose

27 Sunshine Butterfly – sunshine orange

28 Cherry Blossom – soft pink

29 Sweet Azalea – vivid coral orange

30 Miniature Rose – nude beige

Jill Stuart Crayon Eyeliner

01 Lush Black

02 Deep Brown

Jill Stewart Nail Lacquer N Prep your nails to perfection using these watery texture nail polishes by Jill Stuart, lacquers that are enhanced with a crystal floral bouquet fragrance. Providing long lasting, quick-drying, glossy results, these nail polishes will surely become your favorites for the season, so choose from:

53 Flower Shower – coral orange

54 Milky Freesia – milky violet

55 Floret Bud – pastel pink

Photos courtesy of Jill Stuart