Swedish makeup label IsaDora is underlining the importance of highly pigmented makeup products with the help of their exotic birds inspired makeup collection titled Papagayo. Intense pigments featuring high quality formulas at an affordable price are the characteristics which helped IsaDora reach its 20th anniversary, so browse through the new collection and pick your favorite items!

Swedish cosmetics brand IsaDora is making sure this summer season intense colors take over the makeup scene as bright, vivacious, high quality hues can do wonders when it comes to beauty and style. IsaDora's Papagayo summer 2012 makeup collection takes you on an enchanting journey through the world of colorful makeup products that don't only feature intense pigments but also a high quality formula and affordable prices so that every woman can enjoy the beautifying powers of deluxe makeup. When it comes to cosmetics, 20 years of experience definitely show from a first glimpse at the collection, through the style as well as the formulas that are featured for every item. The inspiration behind the collection seems to be the colorful feathers of exotic parrots, which have always amazed exotic wild-life enthusiasts.

The summer season demands the use of intense colors especially if you love to achieve statement looks that have the power to make traffic stop, so dare to experiment as there is an array of hues out there waiting to help accentuate your delicate features. Intense colored makeup can be used to achieve fashionable looks that go from day to evening, so browse through the brand's new Papagayo collection and pick your new season beauty boosters. These hues go perfectly with the new season color trends, so opt for a cool contrasting hue or a complementing hue that matches your outfit and skin tone/eye color perfectly. The following products are featured in IsaDora's summer 2012 collection, so pick your best match:

Treasure Iceland Eyeshadow Trio
This is a fabulous highly pigmented eyeshadow palette which features three fab shimmery hues that can be used individually or combined to give the eyes an incredible, sizzling definition. Use the colors wet to achieve a deep, statement look or dry for a day-time subtle look that will not go by unnoticed. The palette's gold, blue and violet pigments compliment most skin tones, especially sunkissed skin, so experiment with these sizzling hues and give your eyes an unforgettable look.

Twist-Up Metallic Eye Pen
A creamy texture shimmery, high pigment eye color formula featured in a lovely pen-shaped package with a twist-up end has all the characteristics of a winner when it comes to on-the-go makeup and not only. Isadora's fab eye pen fits perfectly in your purse so you can create a sultry eye makeup look whenever you desire, so choose your fav from the following hues:

Paradise Green

Blue Hawaii

Perfect Moisture Lipstick
Envelop your lips with the perfect color using Isadora's fab new lipsticks that feature a moisturizing formula that leaves your lips feeling super soft and luscious looking. Give yourself an instant makeover with the help of the following hues:

Coral Glow

Tropical Blue

Moisturizing Lip Gloss
Top your fav lipstick with a complementing sheer finish, a fine shimmer lip gloss formula that will give your lips a glam, glass-like effect that is perfect for evening wear or achieve a day-time perfect, romantic look using the moisturizing sheer formula lip gloss in:

Coral Glow

Tropical Blue

Perfect Lip Liner
Give your lips a perfect definition or a plumper appearance using these lovely lip liners in your fav hues:

Tropical Blue


Wonder Nail Polish

Hot Hibiscus

Bird of Paradise

Papagayo Blue

Green Paradise

Hair and Eyelash Mascaras
The label features two mascara styles, one destined for the definition of the eyelashes and the other to create stylish high-color hair highlights. Choose to make-up your look to perfection with:
Hair Mascara in

Royal Blue

Green Turquoise

Precision Mascara


Apart from the amazing collection, Isadora also put together a 3 piece bracelet collection which features colorful Papagayo charms, bracelets which you can get for free with a 2 item purchase from the label's new Papagayo summer 2012 makeup collection.

Photos courtesy of Isadora