Makeup is often seen as a vanity display and a tool , a method to attract attention on a superficial level only. However, this wonderful beauty tool can carry much deeper meanings than that as the latest Illamasqua makeup collection accurately shows. Called ‘Human Fundamentalism’, the collection offers a much appreciated encouragement to let go of social expectations and dare to express our individuality through makeup. The brand has become known for selecting challenging concepts and translate them into art and the latest collection is definitely an accurate choice to highlight this eclectic and always surprising spirit.

The rise above standards imposed by society is a definite characteristic of the collection and, by extension, of the brand itself. ‘Breaking the mould is a sign of strength not instability’, the brand proudly states among other statements encouraging individuality and gives some pretty striking hues to help us do so. Here are some of the most interesting products from the collection:

Fundamental Palette Promoted as a ‘playground of self-expression’, the palette will maximize the fun one can experience when trying to create a seductive eye makeup. With tones like mint green, bold yellow or rich violet in contrasting textures, the possibilities are extremely varied and the appeal of nonconformity, even only makeup wise reaches new heights.

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Neutral Palette Expression through color is certainly fun yet for true versatility and maximum utility, the neutral tones in the collection are a good choice. The creamy buttermilk, antique gold, chocolate brown or the intense black tone can add a subtle or powerful emphasis wherever you feel the need for contour on your face or body. Put your creativity to test and experiment with new color accents.

For fun, show-stopping eye makeup styles in the spirit of the new season, a few bold yet super seductive choices are sure to help you stand out:

Powder eyeshadow in Pivot

Powder eyeshadow in Burst

Powder eyeshadow in Vernau

Powder eyeshadow in Obsidian

Precision Ink For the final touches of a seductive look, the Precision Ink is the perfect solution. Waterproof, long lasting and ultra thin, the mascara is the perfect tool for your makeup experiments and why not, adventures. Precision in application becomes a natural result of using the fine tip.

Human Fundamentalism Nail Polish If emphasizing your eyes and playing with bold tones seems a bit out of your current comfort zone, a few bold, saturated nail lacquer hues might be the next best thing. Choose between these alluring new season tones:

Stance – Bright Mauve

Nomad – Bright Jade

The collection will officially launch on March 20 at Sephora but for those who are anxious to get items from the new collection, the brand is offering the possibility to pre-order from the official website.

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Spring/Summer 2012 Collection Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Photo courtesy of Illamasqua