You’ve probably fell in love with that great volumizing mascara or your pearly eyeshadow and you find it somehow hard to throw them out. However, after a certain amount of time, they become unhealthy and can cause skin irritations.

When to Throw Out Makeup: Mascara

Are you curious to find out when to throw out makeup? Then you should probably want to start with one of women’s favorite beauty essentials, mascara. You might want to get rid of this cosmetic after 3 months. It’s important to point out the fact that the brush can collect bacteria when you take it out and put it back in the tube. This can ultimately cause itchiness or redness. That being said, if you want to avoid this skin condition, it’s recommended to switch to a new product after 3 months.

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How Long Does Eyeliner Last?

So, how long does eyeliner last? Makeup artists seem to have found the answer to this question. It’s the lucky number 3, 3 months to be more precise. Eyeliners are usually applied near a sensitive area. Thus, it would be best to pay attention when it comes to this cosmetic, as you might end up dealing with itchiness or, in extreme cases, with conjunctivitis. Instead, you should remember when you’ve bought your liquid or pencil liner and, if 3 months have already passed, you should throw it away and consider buying a new one.

When to Toss Makeup: Foundation

Foundation also plays an important role in your daily beauty routine. According to specialists, all water-based foundations are prone to attract bacteria which can lead to infections. That’s why you might want to consider tossing this makeup product after 6 months or maximum 1 year. Moreover, make sure to keep humidity away, because such an environment can encourage bacteria to appear. Unfortunately, if you continue using your foundation after this period of time, you might deal with breakouts or irritation.

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When to Throw Out Your Makeup: Eyeshadow

Now you’ve reached to another important chapter of your regular beauty ritual: eyeshadow. If you want to learn when to throw out your makeup, here’s an answer you should take into account: 3 months. Makeup artists claim that you should be careful when it comes to creamy-texturized eyeshadows. These tend to grow bacteria more quickly than a regular powdery product. Also, if you regularly apply your shadow with your fingers, it’s recommended to wash your hands with an antibacterial product before each use.

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