A name with resonance in the fashion and cosmetics industry, Guerlain is ready to launch a new mascara in January 2012, the new must-have mascara named Noir G de Guerlain. The new design of the brand was inspired by it’s own makeup product the Rouge G de Guerlain, as a woman needs more than just a high quality mascara to look good, she also needs a mirror to ensure a flawless application.

The Noir G de Guerlain mascara will feature a black packaging, a refillable compact tube with a pop-up mirror, similar with the design featured by the Rouge G, design created by Lorenz Bäumer.

Bäumer told WWD that the package was created out of Zamac with black lacquer, as this material reflects the color of the product contained. The designer said that the design for the lipstick, Rouge G, which was inspired by a gold ingot, came from the desire to “push the idea yet further”. The reason behind the revolutionary mascara design is ‘need’, as according to Olivier Echaudemaison, global creative director for Guerlain: “There are two products for which you absolutely need a mirror: lipstick and mascara. We have now solved both.”

The designer of the new mascara wanted to achieve an ‘excessively simple’ to open mascara, and it seems that the goal was reached. With the liquid formula and brush being changeable together, you’ll be able to save money while making the best out of your eyes. The retail price for the mascara and compact together will retail for approximately $49, while refills will only cost you $26.

The new formula is a blend of waxes that can coat the lashes to lengthen, curl and add volume with smooth and easy strokes. The formula applies smooth and dries as it covers the lashes, setting them into place. A polymer that creates a protective coat over the lashes is also added, polymer which is activated once the water contained in the formula evaporates. To top the design as well as the lash defining formula, Noir G de Guerlain’s formula contains artemia salina, an ingredient with lash regenerating properties, believed to revitalize cells and stimulate the production of keratin. Plus the black colored mascara will also feature a lovely subtle scent of peach, rose, jasmine and white musk. The mascara will be available for purchase next year, so prepare for the moment it hits the shelves!

Photos courtesy of WWD Photographed by Thomas Iannaccone