Say goodbye to random makeup product shopping, it's time to pamper your look with the Givenchy Acid Summer 2011 makeup collection. The vibrant shades and professionally inspired textures are here to revolutionize your beauty routine and offer you a one way ticket to become a real beauty icon.

The make-up creative director of Givenchy, Nicolas Degennes offers the perfect insight into the fabulous beauty fantasy the makeup collection radiates, “It mutes the volumes and makes the materials come alive. Like veins of light, pulsing with a unifying electrified energy that sweeps away all inertia, the neon colours resonate and amplify each other, stirring up a rebellious atmosphere in a world that knows no inhibition. Bridging the gap between day and night, neon is the vital force of summer 2011. A season that’s a call to enjoyment, to enjoy greater freedom. And we dare to answer that call, fearing no other consequence than a moment of happiness… to be shared.”

Discover the show-stopping visual effect these miraculous makeup products can create and make sure you improve your application skills to show the best blueprint for your admirers. Nail down the acid trend by having these glam lip glosses and eye shadow colors which will definitely enhance your features with a tint of unearthly radiance.

The collection includes the following products worth keeping your eyes on:

Le Prismissime Yeux Eye Shadow Palette

It is one of the crown pieces of the whole collection as the chromatic palette radiates a joyful and more edgy attitude towards the use of neon shades for the upcoming season. The colors you can opt for when purchasing this fabulous eye shadow palette are:

Turquoise Blues

Anise Green

Golden Yellow

Coral Orange

Mauvish Pink

Frappe Coffee

Sparkling White

Mister Radiant

Microbeads combined with this gel texture are some of the revolutionary inventions of modern cosmetics. The Mister Radiant set includes these fabulous products in different shades to help you in emphasizing the beauty of your glowing complexion. Use your fingertips to polish the application of the formula and enjoy the mesmerizing visual effect it gives to your skin.

Phenomen' Eyes Waterproof Mascara

The creators decided to include into the summer collection this fabulous waterproof mascara in Acid Blue, in order to further boost the neon radiance of the complete line. Use this mascara if you have the courage to sport an eye-popping makeup design.

Gelee d’Interdit – Balm Smoothing Gloss – Crystal Shine

Hydrate and tint your lips with the perfect pouch to shine through the crowd with your breathtaking makeup. The 13 shades wait for you to experiment with a soothing and revitalizing formula specially designed not only to plump, but also to moisturize your lips. Explosive Raspberry, Electric Purple and Neon Orange are some of the most exquisite shades to choose from.

Vernis Please! Nail Polish

Finally enjoy the generous offer of the Givenchy Acid Summer Makeup Collection to provide you with a fabulous and on trend nail polish color, the oh-so-popular Acid Orange. Decorate your nails with this shade and sport the latest neon manicure trend like a real pro.

Image courtesy of Givenchy