Estee Lauder, one of the leading cosmetic brands has managed to bring to the table everything a woman needs to look fabulous. The latest addition to the brand is the Pure Color Lipstick collection for 2011, a lip color collection which enables women to create a myriad of fabulous makeup looks.

Lip color is a definite must in spring/summer makeup and women have received a “green light” when it comes to lip color. Not everyone benefits from the same lip color tone so Estee Lauder has created a variety of rich-pigmented lipsticks which women can use to create day to evening appropriate looks.

Estee Lauder and Tom Pecheux, EL’s Creative Makeup Director are responsible for the following right, creamy and long lasting lipstick collection, so select your favorite shades and create a luscious lips makeup look that will accentuate your natural beauty.

The Pure Color Lipstick collection for 2011 is divided into categories, depending on hue for an easier lip color choice. If you already know what you’re looking for, turn towards the hue category of your choice and if you want to explore all your choices, take a peek at every single hue as they are all incredibly sexy. Choose one or several of the following lipsticks:

Nude Brown Estee Lauder Pure Color 2011 Lipsticks

Nude-Brown: Urban Auburn, Barely Nude, Autumn, Cafe Chic, Sugar Honey, Tiger Eye

Pink Berry Pure Color Estee Lauder 2011

Pink-Berry: Candy, Bois de Rose, Wildly Pink, Blushing, Pink Parfait, Sunstone, Rubellite

Mauve Plum Pure Color Lipsticks by Estee Lauder

Mauve-Plum: Beige, Rose Tea, Hot Kiss, Exotic Orchid, Mystic Mauve, Plum Couture, Pinkberry

Coral Red Pure Color Estee Lauder 2011

Coral-Red: Melon, Nectarine, Coral Sun, Scarlet Siren, Cherry Passion

Tom Pecheux’s ideal makeup look, according to him: “My favorite makeup look on a woman is one that suits her perfectly.” This is exactly why this world-renowned makeup artist has selected a few lip shades which he loves and thinks women should use to enhance their natural beauty, not transform it. These shades are bold and vivid, a perfect match for the spring-summer 2011 season, so select your favorite shades and wear it with confidence for a mesmerizing appearance!