Fresh touches for your features is a must as the new season starts unraveling. The Essence Fruity spring 2012 collection aims to help you emphasize your features naturally with a few delightful product choices.

Celebrating spring through beauty is exciting. However, if the variety of floral notes abounding the market don't exactly match your preferences, perhaps a fruit themed collection might be a better match. Bringing the feeling of freshness and an intriguing youthfulness, Essence chooses to make its spring 2012 collection inspired by one of the season's most beloved symbols, fruits.

Emphasizing natural beauty in an extremely subtle manner is the top goal of the newest collection set to be released internationally in April 2012. With products like flirty cute eyeshadows, nourishing lip balm or girly nail polish tones, the brand's message for the next months is pretty straight forward: natural beauty is to be cherished and highlighted for a fab new season look.

Fruity Eyeshadow Sorbet
The newest eyeshadow palette from the brand is as delicious as it sounds. With a mousse-like texture and fairly traditional color choices for the new season, the eyeshadow palette gives a new meaning to the fruit serving notion. Choose between:

Peach Beauty

Banana Joe

One Kiwi a Day

Fruity Blush Sorbet
The quickest way to freshen up your look is to give your cheekbones the attention they deserve. The name Smoothie Operator is pretty accurate as far as the effect of using the product can have in enhancing your best features.

Essence Fruity Eyeshadow Sorbet Essence Fruity Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Fruity Lipbalm
The first rule of having irresistible lips is properly nourishing them and the lip balms included in the limited edition collection are perfect for the task. Plus, they bring a wonderful bonus as they contain a spring flavor. The names Peach Beauty and Very Cherry are self-explanatory.

Fruity Nail Polish 
Decorate your nails with the perfect seasonal tones for a subtle classy vibe and show your love for the most important seasonal trends simultaneously. The hues match the choices from the rest of the products included in the line for the most part and are the following:

Banana Joe

Peach Beauty

Very Cherry

One Kiwi a Day

Mashed Berries

Fruity Nail Fruits 
If simple manicures are not exactly an exciting enough option, you can take your nails to the next level within seconds with the fun fruity patterns for a trendy vibe. Go for simplicity or go bolder by mixing and matching for a more complex allure.

Fruity Nail Art Sealing Top Coat
Crown your perfect manicure efforts with the Nail Art Sealing Stay Fruity top coat for a gorgeous, long lasting manicure that will make everyone admire your masterpiece.

Essence Fruity Spring 2012 Makeup and Nail Colors Essence 2012 Fruity Nail Fruits

Photo courtesy of Essence