If you’re hunting for the perfect pieces in order to get the ultimate wow-factor, you should definitely check out the new Essence Tribal Summer collection 2013 that guarantees a stylish mix of patterns, trendy aztec prints and cool tribal designs in warm colors like orange, pink, red, purple, lilac, copper and gold to spread the pure feeling of summer. The brand’s collection offers lots of must-haves for all urban squaws including our popular pigments in bright colors, long-lasting lipsticks and a bronzing powder with a tribal embossment.

Essence Tribal Summer Pigments

It’s time to have fun and color your summer! With Essence’s four expressive pigments in intense red, bright pink, sunny gold and warm copper you can now create endless gorgeous effects for your eyes, lips and nails. 

Essie Tribal Summer Pigment Na RockEssie Tribal Summer Pigment Waka WakaEssie Tribal Summer Pigment Inti InkaEssie Tribal Summer Pigment Copper Earth

You can apply them on their own or mixed to create new and unique styles. Available in:

01 na-rock02 waka waka03 inti inka04 copper earth

Essence Tribal Summer Lipstick

The Essence Tribal collection also includes two statement-making lipstick hues. The brand’s lispticks are characterized by a longlasting texture with a high coverage and a glossy finish that will ensure breathtaking and eye-catching lips. You can choose from:

Essie Tribal Summer Lipstick Na RockEssie Tribal Summer Lipstick Waka Waka

01 na-rock02 waka waka

Essence Tribal Summer Liquid Blush

Summer means fresh and naturally-looking skin. With the new liquid blush from Essence you can give a gorgeous rosy tint to your cheeks. The tube packaging makes this blush ultra-practical, even when you’re on the go and is super easy to apply thanks to its light texture. Available in waka waka.

Essie Tribal Summer Liquid BlushEssie Tribal Summer Powder Bronzer

Essence Tribal Summer Bronzer

Are you ready for eye-catching looks? Well, if you are, check out this new Essence bronzer with a soft shimmer that will make your face and neckline look subtly tanned. The surface of the powder is decorated with a cool tribal pattern in two different bronzing shades. Available in inti inka.

Essence Tribal Summer Nail Polishes

Flirty nails will get you into the right summer mood in an instant. Essence’s Tribal collection brings some lust-worthy and long-lasting nail polishes in pink, gold, orange, purple and red offering great coverage. Choose from:

Essie Tribal Summer Nail Polish Waka WakaEssie Tribal Summer Nail Polish Inti InkaEssie Tribal Summer Nail Polish Ta La RaEssie Tribal Summer Nail Polish Tipi Ya Yeah

01 waka waka02 inti inka03 ta-la-ra04 tipi-ya-yeah05 na-rock.

Essie Tribal Summer Nail Polish Na RockEssie Tribal Summer Nail Tip Painter Set

Essence Tribal Summer Tip Painter Set

Aztec nails are so hot right now and they are the ultimate trend in the nail design. Essence’s tip painter set includes black, orange and pink so you can create totally individual tribal patterns on your nails for an absolute beauty statement! Available in aztecs ceremony.

Essie Tribal Summer Blotting Paper

Essence Tribal Summer Extensions

Ah, we absolutely enjoy playing around with our hair styling! Colorful feather hair extensions are totally trendy in the summer season 2013 and give any hairstyle a summery touch. These hair extensions from the new Essence Tribal collection are easy to clip into every fashionista’s hair and they’re just as simple to remove. Available in inka’s soul.

Essie Tribal Summer Feather Extensions

Essence Tribal Summer Oil Control Paper

No one loves a shiny and oily complexion! So, when summer temperatures rise, the oil control paper is worth its weight in gold. How does the mattifying paper work? Well, it frees your skin of shine and absorbs excess sebum without smudging your make-up for a perfect, matte summer complexion. Available in matte me pacha tulum.

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