Catching a glimpse of the latest makeup products for the season is always interesting as it enables us to see how the main makeup trends have been interpreted by some of the most important makeup artists, while also giving us the best tools to get the fabulous looks that inspire us. The Elizabeth Arden Bronze in Bloom is no exception as it features a variety of products that can help us achieve that subtly tanned lightweight summer makeup style most of us simply adore.

The new limited edition collection is not focused around basics, so you won’t get to see products such as foundation or primers in it. Instead, you will get the chance to experiment with high quality blushes, bronzing powders and deceptively seductive eyeshadow quads. And because no makeup would be complete without luscious lips, you will also have the opportunity to purchase two seductive and creamy shades and a fab high shine lip gloss.

Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder Elizabeth Arden  Elizabeth Arden Bronze in Bloom Summer 2011 Makeup

Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder ($28) and Pure Finish Mineral Cheekcolor in Sun-Kissed Coral ($35) are without a doubt the most important products in the collection. Both of them are designed to help you get a healthy summer glow. In addition, both products come with an intriguing mini angled kabuki brush that is said to help make the process of application easier and more precise. Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder also contains a variety of nourishing ingredients such as aloe and vitamins A, C and E for perfect coverage and care. Not only that, but you won’t find unnecessary and potentially comedogenic ingredients as they are oil, fragrance and talcum free, which essentially means less worrying about unpleasant effects.

Color Intrigue Eyeshadow Quad in Golden Lilac and Blue Breeze ($30) are the two alternatives endorsed by the brand for an expressive, refined and seductive eye makeup. Whether you are a fan of soft, barely there eye makeup or you prefer brighter hues, you will have plenty of options to experiment with color and gorgeous eye makeup styles. And, if you are in need of more definition, look no further than the long lasting Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Black Violet and Blue Sky ($16) to create a surprising soft powder finish.

High Shine Lipgloss in Tropicoral ($15) is the perfect secret seduction weapon as it will make lips stand out in a matter of seconds. The high shine formula will add a touch of glamor to any makeup style, being a versatile product that can benefit both those who love the wet lip look and those who would like to keep a low profile and emphasize their natural beauty more gently. Ceramide Ultra Lipstick is a fairly new launch that promises to deliver spectacular results effortlessly. Although not included in this limited edition collection, these lipsticks promise to be the perfect pout enhancers.

Elizabeth Arden Eyeshadow Quads Summer 2011

High Shine Lipgloss in Tropicoral and Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil Ceramide Ultra Lipsticks Elizabeth Arden

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Arden